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Improving services

MS professional chatting to an MS patient

Want to provide the best service and support for people with MS? 

Find out the latest about MS emerging practice, grants for providing information and providing a business case for your role.

Multiple sclerosis - the quick guide front cover

Quick guide to MS

Bite-sized information on MS, symptoms and all aspects of MS management

People talking at an MS conference

Emerging practice

In-depth look at particular aspects of MS. Includes latest evidence and research and what the MS Society is doing to further develop the area in focus.

Documents for MS professionals

Grants for providing information

How do you ensure people affected by MS access relevant publications and information? We can help find out more about our grants

Latest resources

Measuring success

A tool to identify how well your services are working, what isn't working, and how things can be improved

Running an MS information course

A guide to planning, organising and running a newly diagnosed with MS course and symptom management courses