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Only real chips please

Hello. I posted this before and it disappeared. Odd. I love chips; real chips, not oven chips. But it's hard making them one-handed

Best wishes.

I'm glad you got some chips, even if only a very few!

Take care, 

Nina x

Hi Nina,how are you doing,hope you are ok.


J  x


I'm glad that you weren't defeated Steve. When I was a child my mum always made proper chips in a big open pan , so dangerous really! , I occasionally did it for my children, but I remember being distracted and nearly setting the house on fire , these days it's mostly oven chips and they are so disappointing. I bought an air dryer but it's much too heavy.

Michelle and Frazer xx

Nothing to beat real chips Steve.....with salt but no vinegar for me please.


Pam x

I have MS

Steve, I'm the same with ice i like the real thing not this frozen crap.