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Oh Christmas Tree, oh Christmas Tree...

Well you have heard of " the blind leading the blind.."

Me with my PPMS, my other half with his COPD...For the first time in years I said I want to see a Christmas Tree in our home, an artificial one....Ok it came this morning along with the red circled skirt that circles around the bottom of the tree but, talk about the blind leading the blind...Ok other half is not the brainiest kid on the block when it comes to putting things together but thank heavens someone ( me ) has some intelligence up top...Ok, we worked between us, unpacking, cutting off labels and stickers not cutting through the wires with the pretty lights on, then easing the branches apart, the bottom section on a spring, the top, now that was a tad more complicated...Well the picture - diagram of what the tree should look like and the other picture of what it should not, of course our tree now looks like the " what not " version...It hasn't been decorated as yet, the baubles are on order from a different company, just hope they arrive before Christmas ends...I was having my own problems with manoeuvring my MS body around the tree, could bend but no balance, my other half getting out of breath, particularly when he bent, then having to sit down and rest, thought it would never show itself this side of Christmas but there it is, sitting next to the bay window where all should be able to see it ( once lights are turned on ) as the cars come down our valley drive...Now baring in mind this tree is just a 4 foot tree...There was a time when younger and fitter I would dress a Christmas tree that was higher with no problems...guess I haven't laughed so much in ages, baring in mind my bladder they say..." roll on Christmas..."

Getting in the spirit Jackie... I like it. I've been stocking up on mince pies, but they keep disappearing & when I wake, I'm covered in crumbs. They need putting in a safe or something.

Enjoy the vibe & have fun decorating. Tin foil is handy.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS are too young to remember tv programme Candid Camera ( the 60's )...well if the camera had caught us two getting into such a " mucking fuddle " as my late father would often had said...not to mention  myself and other half almost causing World War 3 in arguments on who was not doing what, or you are doing that wrong...



that account of your tree dressing made me smile.

but in reality, i'm more likely to say "HUMBUG!!"

can't really be arsed with it all.

getting worse every year.

enjoy your tree, they do look lovely and festive.

we have no cats here now and the best thing about the tree was watching the cats demolish it!

think i should have a christmas cat this year then maybe next year a tree!

I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS

To be honest, since I lost my three darling dogs, my fur babies, I have never put a tree up, Christmas just has never been the same for me anymore, more so since my other half's families ( their young uns ) have now grown up from children to adults, hence our buying - receiving and wrapping presents days are over, plus we have both moved miles away from both our family's...Guess it is because my other half is now dealing with serious illnesses and tests that is making me think that this Christmas maybe our last Christmas, yes morbid I know but, we never know what our future Is, more so our ages of 67 and 74 cum January...

Oh yes, the cats - dogs who can smell their Christmas treats stacked under that tree, at least one of our late dogs would have ripped the packaging to shreds if she had the chance, bless her....

Well at the moment we have a naked Christmas tree, not even a star at the top, but it does have some lights...

Carol, get both, a cat and a tree, and to heck with the mess...rekindle some of those past good days..

I have MS

Could be worse. You could live in a high rise apartment.

See the source image

I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS

Scudger...oh but I used to, I once lived on the tenth floor, of course when I was much younger, healthier and fitter.....glad I don't now, with my PPMS, otherwise that might be me out of that window...

For the first time, I'm actually wondering why I should even bother putting up the tree this year. It's a lovely, realistic 4ft one. I've always decorated it with old fashioned wooden ornaments and traditional red and gold. This year I'm already thinking of the effort of it all. Getting husband to climb the ladder to the high cupboard, getting the boxes all down, me struggling to do the "twiddling".

Then just lthe very thought of taking the bits and pieces all down again, packing everything away again, until next year! I'm not a misery, full of bah humbug. What's happening?

We've been gradually downsizing over the last few years. Hubby was all ready to throw the tree til his daughter said "please don't". We no longer have a cat to demolish it and I think we'll still be having some crimbo decorations for a long time wink

Merry Christmas!

Sonia x



I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS


Traditional red and gold is my theme...See how this year goes...might think twice about doing it all over again next year if we are not capable of doing so..if there is a next year.... the two of us together....or in this same home...nothing is guaranteed in this short life...I am trying to recreate what I once had and enjoyed this time of the year...even if the situation has changed, different location, and my fur babies are here no more...Better to keep those good memories alive while we still can...


Poppy, Sonia...don't regret not putting up that tree...even if the tree doesn't look as smart as it once would have looked...recreate those good memories...keep those good memories alive...enjoy what you once enjoyed..try and make the effort..I now wish I had made the effort last year, the year before, the year before that and so on...


That is so true Jackie. My Christmases are full of memories and nostalgia. Fortunately for me, very happy ones for all of my life.
Quite might get the grandchildren to do the decorating. I want them to have lovely memories too.

Thanks for that. X

Oh dear, what have I done? A six footer arriving tomorrow. I'm already waving goodbye to half the living room. All for my Rose to decorate on Saturday.

We'll have mince pies, natch.

Steve x

I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS


...guess you don't do things by halves...sure is going to put my 4 footer to shame...oh well, more tree, more baubles...

Aw Steve, that's lovely! If you're going to have a real one then you may as well have a ginormous one! I'm sure Rose will be delighted and you and she will be making wonderful memories.

I'd love to read all about it later. ..? :-)

That's lovely Steve, enjoy your time with Rose.


Pam x

love christmas