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Hi there folks.

Had to keep things maintained & legal. So put my bus in for a service, only to have the folks mocking my spastic walking & saying I shouldn't be out, looking like I do. Sensible hard working folks, who should know better. And if you mention it, I'm supposed to ignore it & get even thicker skin.

This last year has been a nightmare. My MS Ataxia has been going bazerk. Randomly throwing things & kicking at concrete with bare feet. My slurred speech has stopped me from having conversations many times & people just think I'm being rude. Sorry I'm not interested in washing machine insurance & no I haven't been in any accidents.

All in the middle of a Pandemic lock down, when everything seems surreal. 

Maybe I should get a pet Aardvark & be like Salvador Dali.

Very strange times indeed, but we will get through this.

Terry goes to throw some coffee about, for no reason. 

Take care out there folks. laugh

Thats bad Terry how dare they say that to you!!  God how i hate people at times and their nasty ways.Dont even give them a second thought.You take care too.Dont let them grind you down.x

What rude, ignorant swines! Best ignore them!