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Disabled Handyman!

After explaining to my neighbour, I'm genuinely disabled, with broken ribs, struggling to walk & harassed by scum bags every day.

I fixed her front door, when I wasn't busy doing my own things. She explained the dog that constantly poops outside, is one she cares for, for £20 a week. I explained she is being taken advantage of & I might as well of spoken to a brick wall.

At least she is now safer.

It spurned me on to repair my brand new kayak. Where anything breakable, breaks on it.

It's no wonder people with MS, have a problem with their nerves.

Terry to the rescue!

Well done Terry for helping your neighbour out, such a satisfying feeling when you are useful.  I get that very feeling by doing baby knitting for the local hospital.


Keep it up Terry.


Pam x

Indeed, it is good to help others Pam.

Far to many folks just helping themselves to anything that isn't screwed down.

When the MS group see's the stencils I'm making for them. Nobody will be bored!

I'm dreading the PC idiots, complaining about Acrylic paints being dangerous to the environment.

We can't help the clueless idiots of this world. Set in their ways of self destruction & taking others with them.

Terry and Pam,

Well done for all you do for other people. 

Nothing like building bridges Terry. So glad that lady can feel safer now

Pam, I too knit for a local hospital.

I am still trying to improve my crochet skills.

Best wishes

Grandma x

Hi Grandma


Glad you enjoy knitting as well, I think I would go bonkers if I didn't have my baby knitting to loose myself in.  I have been doing this for the special care baby unit and the maternity unit, always plenty needed, kept my mind busy for the last 20 odd years.


Strange you say about crochet, about 6 months ago I done a Google search on easy crochet blankets and baby clothes, and found some lovely tutorials, and hey presto I can do that as well for them.  Mind you some of the beautiful work people show is mind blowing, I am no way that good at crochet, but hopefully will improve.


Take care and keep up the good work.


Pam x

Painted 17 salvaged canvases white & got my stencil bench ready, with all my spray cans. 

Just ordered 200 sheets of thick A2 paper & been doodling like crazy.

Art gallery here I come! No more feeling like I live in a dead zone & got orders flooding in already.

Great stuff. My phone hasn't stopped ringing for days. I eventually answered, thinking it was probably a cold caller, trying to scam me out of giving my DNA.

Turns out it was someone who needs me to sort their car, because they are too healthy & tired to do it themselves.

So that's what I'm going to be doing on this sunny Sunday. Conned again!!!

These people know I'm disabled & struggling myself, but it doesn't stop the endless requests. And folks wonder why I want to emigrate. Got my washing machine on full meltdown, dishes & cooking to do. Just had my jet wash shower & done my exercises, so I'm not accused of being lazy by the people who test the suspension on my little car.

There was me thinking it's a great day for kayaking.

Tormented Terry. So many lazy ass blood clotts about.

Hi Terry


It gives you a good feeling helping others and being useful, just don't let them take advantage of your good nature, especially if you had planned to do something yourself.


Hope it goes well, but please be careful in this heat.


Pam x

It's one of these people who actually claims they have PPMS. I find it amusing how pathetic the person is. Head of an important government organisation & unable to tie their own shoe laces. Even trying to rope me in on crap, with anything I do, to give their cause some authenticity. Telling people all the struggles I'm coping with, that they help. Not realising how sad they are making themselves out to be.

The person needs help & it's what I do.

I'm quite sure they are trying to cause me trouble, so they can claim the rescue, or maybe steal my wallet. 

I'll still try to cram in what I had planned. It adds to the adventure & learning experience.

Such a glorious day. Now my door wont shut, because the heat has warped the door frame.

Super Hose to the cool down rescue.

Multi tasking!

Just had a quick cool down myself Terry......but not with the hose pipe I am not that brave!


Pam x

A bit of cold water never did anyone any harm Pam, especially when you're in control.

I didn't end up helping the person & now my name is mud. Very glad of it too.

After a huge dinner & plenty of water, I drifted off, after watching England win Panama 6/1.

It's been another scorcher & my fan has been on all day. Fans are awesome!

My PPMS has been awful, but I'm keeping myself afloat, well fed & cool. The scroungers only look after themselves & it works for me too. Thick skin is useful. The phone will stop ringing, when they get bored.

Terry is helping himself for a change.



Well done Terry you have to think about yourself sometimes.


I really enjoyed the football too, but this heat is playing havoc with my ppms.



Pam x