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>>> Circulation Booster <<<

For those interested. I have massively improved the foot drop & movement of my totally useless left foot by using the circulation booster. What was once a blob of lifeless swollen flesh, has become something I stretch & exercise each day.

3 years ago, I tried a Circulation Booster at the local MS fitness group. I was so impressed, I went out & brought one myself & it's become one of my top go to aids. From using two sticks & almost in a wheelchair permanently. I now use one stick mainly & only use my wheelchair on occasions, where I'll be on my feet too long.

Along with totally changing my diet & exercising. The Circulation Booster is a gadget I would highly recommend to people with stiff feet issues & those stuck in a wheelchair, unable to walk & improve their circulation.

Take care out there folks & use it or lose it.

Steamed Broccoli, roast new potatoes & green beans. With smoked Basa & handful of grated mature Cheddar for dinner today. Then off to the skate park on my trick scooter.

Best regards Terry. wink 

I brought the Circulation Booster £50 2nd hand & 3 years on, after a steam clean & a Detol detox, it's still like new. Not once has it failed & there are pads with cables to attach to various parts of the body for stimulation.

Steak with mash & peas for dinner, With my super garlic packed gravy & onions.

It's been a hot few days, but common sense keeps us out of trouble.

Take care out there. wink

Sounds like you had a bargain there Terry, pleased it's worked well for you, long may it continue.


Steak mash and peas sounds great....hang on I will just grab me coat!  Lol


Take care this heat has been awful for me.


Pam x

I have MS

My ankles have swollen like two balloons so could do with circulation booster indecision xxx Don

I have MS

Just googled circulation booster and it says walking is far better but I cannot walk anymore sad 

You don't have to walk. It helps your whole body circulation just by sitting still.

I can watch a film & feel like I've done a mountain walk. Travelling without moving. Like what the Spice does, in the film Dune.

He who controls the spice, controls the universe.