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Another blow

Hello me hearties (phew that hemp choc still working).

Not been here for a long long time and I'm trying to catch up...fat chance of that though.  I see new people have joined and many of the regulars still here.

We all know the roller coaster of PPMS is a slow downward slide and it gets us down.  CoVid & restrictions makes everything more difficult.

I've noticed for quite a while that my mind isn't working quite right and I've had the myriad of tests, MRI's & CAT scans.  Fortunately, there is no further significant lesions or active MS since January this year.  Even though the effects seem to be worse, there's no more lesions.   Here's the But - Unfortunately, I've been diagnosed with Cerebral Vascular disease and evidence shows my left temporal lobe in my brain is slowly shrinking and parts have died off (the locum words). It's also too close to Vascular dementia and that title is under consideration.  So not ruled out

It explains a lot really, my behaviour, lack of tolerance, easily distracted.  I forget meds, forget Mr C has made me a lovely cuppa, sometimes get distracted several times before getting dressed and then it's not worth the effort.

I know some of you are a lot worse, and many others are too, it still doesn't stop my self pity and depression.  I don't mind for myself but I hate my dependency,  especially on my hubby.  He's 70 with diabetes, high bp and arterial fibulation.  

No use complaining, but it's good to shout sometimes isn't it.

Take care all and stay safe.

Chrissie xx

Hi Chrissie i am sorry to hear this as though MS isn't enough for one  person.I have thought for a few year now i have something more wrong too like you describe.Theres lots of similar things happen to me but i keep putting off saying anything hoping it will all go away.I wish.Is it the MS thats caused it do you know? x


Hi Chrissie, I am so sorry to learn of your new problems/diagnosis/possible diagnosis.....Yeh, havent we got enough to cope with?

But no-one listens to that no-one I mean no disease.

And you can shout/rant/ whatever you need and know that someone here IS listening to you chick.

Do you like crosswords, suduko or similar brain games? I hear they are good for brain teasing.

Singing is a real help with dementia. I find I can sing words to songs I havent heard in yonks.

Hang in there lass.

Luv Boudsxxx


I have MS

Hi Chrissie sorry to hear your news. This is the place to have a rant we all know how hard it is to cope. I hope you get some solace in sharing, we can't help but you can unload here and we understand 


I have MS

Hi Chrissie sorry to hear your news. This is the place to have a rant we all know how hard it is to cope. I hope you get some solace in sharing, we can't help but you can unload here and we understand 


Oh Chrissie I am so sorry to hear this as if MS isn't enough, but we are all here for you and we understand.


You rant scream swear whichever you find more helpful none of us mind, take care.


Pam x

Hello Chrissy , I really felt for after reading your message, what a hard situation to come to terms with . I've found my cognitive is not what it was and I'm constantly in fear because my Nana had alzheimer's disease. I'm nearly 55 . I wonder if stress makes everything worse too. I like Bouds suggestion about brain games and singing . Its unfortunately part of getting older we seen to add more disabilities to the things we already have to cope with . Please keep talking to us on here , I feel as if I've been so overwhelmed with things that I haven't been on here as much recently but I always feel as if i belong when i come back on here, it's like we are all coping together and supporting each other .

Michelle and Frazer xx

I have MS

Blimey Chrissie,

That sounds extra rough.

sending you & Mr C any spare luck I have and virtual hugs & best wishes.


I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS

Yes stress does have an effect, it has done for me, as i found my partner age 74 dead in his armchair 18 months ago, suddenly and unexpectedly... He died on the exact same date i was diagnosed as having PP-MS just four years previous, i was age 64, i am now 69, and my PP-MS has gotten a lot worse, what with everything that has taken place since that fateful day..

Chrissie...i feel your struggles, your concerns, both with yourself and your dear hubby with his medical conditions, it has now become a " who is looking after-caring for who.." situation for you...i used to say to my hubby,  we are the " blind leading the blind.." this gave us a smile, as i was clinging onto his shirtsleeve and he often said to me, " you'll have me down " whereas i would laugh and tell him, " if you go down, ( COPD  breathing issues - his Heart, his anaemia ) i go with you, the blind leading the blind...

God Bless the both of you...



Chrissie, so sorry to hear this. Rant all you want. It will do you good. Come on here as often as you can. We understand when others don't.  


I am forgetting things at the moment and it is driving me crackers!!


Hi Chrissie

F*ck, f*ck heart M x