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Hi there I'm 29 and for the past five weeks I have been really unwell. Flu like symptoms, episode of double vision amd lose of sensation on my right side which cleared, then my right eye vision started to deterorate .. feeling extremely tired aching amd really bad headaches amd pressure. Finding it hard to do anything. Also not been eating well . I was put on steriods and my right eye vision isn't as bad now. I had a mri which shows Demilanation patches of nerve damage . Amd bow I had to wait up to 6 months to see a neorolagist for a diagnosis amd treatment :-/. . I feel so unwell . They said to Try exercise amd think positive could have been worse and how I'm healthy young woman amd will live a long life but feel so unwell and so worried if anything else happens especially as iv got two young girls aswell. I'm finding it all extremely hard .many thanks

6 months? 18 weeks is the nhs limit. Have they ruled out cns infections? Keep going to your GP if u get any new symptoms.

Thank you so much for replying to me iv been so scared with all this helps just you replying. They said 6 months il look into that il go back to the doctors. What's cns infections? They have done some bloods but they always normal. I'm just struggling at the momemt it's all new to me amd feels like they just leaving me to it and all I want now is a proper diagnosis and treatment :-/. X

Oh central nervous system infections they haven't said anything about that they have done some bloods but not been told anything else just what mri says amd my symptoms x

Hi, looking for some advice.

My partners apparent MS attack was just over 2 years ago, she experienced some numbness mainly to one side of her body, and fatigue. This lasted about 2 weeks, however only about 2 days of it was fairly bad. She hasn't had any other symptoms or attacks since. She had an MRI done back then and 2 lesions showed up on her brain but nothing on her spine. 2 years down the track another MRI was done recently as a follow up and another 2 lesions has come up on the brain but no lesions or abnormalities on spine, however no attack/relapse. The neuro advised it could be MS.

She does suffer from constant headaches/migraines, and blood results showed she's low in iron.

Does this sound like MS?


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Hi, I've been experiencing problems for a few years now but because I fractured my spine many years ago the drs was constantly putting my problems down to my #spine. I got up one morning a month ago with pins n needles that are constant n feels like I'm walking on stones, so I saw my gp who took lots of blood tests & because my legs went into a bad spasm n tremors she called the hospital & I was then seen by a multiskelatol Dr who sent me for a complete mri scan skull to tai. This Dr phoned me 7.30pm on the Saturday evening & started telling me the results was not good n also said that my mylene sheath had gone leaving my nerves exposed. So far 2 drs have mentioned MS but I have to see the neurologist urgently. I'm experiencing so many problems which are pointing to MS :( I feel tot8 alone at present & very unsure & obviously not in control of my body n won't be till I am told officially. Sorry about the messed up message but perhaps I just need someone to tell me all will be ok. X

Hey u should start a new thread

Sorry but I'm new to this & don't know how to start a new thread. X

You know when you are on the forum there is a button above the numbers saying "new thread" you just click on that. More people will see your post that way


Your symptons are not unlike mine and I have been diagnosed with RRMS. The diagnoses by MRI takes a while as they do MRIs about 3 to 6 months apart to determine if there is progression of the condition. In meantime your GP should start you on an intensive dose of Vitamin D as it is thought to reverse demyelination of nerve cords.
Please don't despair. MS is now not the life sentence it used to be and it is not fatal.

Hope you get sorted soon.


I am new to the site and the diagnosis. Apparently I have had the MS trait all of my life, but just was diagnosed at the age of 50, due to aggressive symptoms. I have had to adapt to a whole life change. At least for now as I learn more about MS. I'm so afraid to do anything. I'm thinking that I need to get a MS Specialist, I have only been working with my neurologist

blurred vision

I feel i desparately need abit of advice from others going through the same issues.
2016 out of the blue i started getting really horrible headaches, i felt dizzy, couldnt think straight.weeks later andstill havingheadaches i went to see doctor, i was given medication over 2 years covering pain killers to anti epileptic drugs with no relief. Summer 2018 i suddenly had numb legs fromknee down, now the numbness has engulfed my whole body even my face. I now get spasms which can be quite agressive at times waking me in the night, I spend my day being permanently exhausted. Today i still have a permanent headaches and dizziness and vertigo, with numbness. Ive finally seen a neurologist and now ive had spinal mri and having a mri onmy brain tomorrow. I just feel no one understands me, or what im going through because you cant see whats happening.

Hi Lucylu,

Hopefully, you've had the results to your mri spinal and brain scan and a better understanding of your symptoms based on your neurological results then from there what support you need in a care plan.   I recently have more intense symptoms of numbness, pin and needles similar to you particularly in my legs, fatigue, eye problems, sensitivity to cold;  I am going for a blood test next week.   Apparently, I read that there is suppose to be a way of testing for early MS through a blood test to start with but I am not sure if this is the case.

As you have had 2 MRIs by end of this week am sure your Neuro will be able to come up with an affirmative as to whether or not you have MS. Not all the symptons you describe are typical of MS and no doubt that is why both spinal and brain MRIs are needed.

Hope you get answers soon.

As you have had 2 MRIs by end of this week am sure your Neuro will be able to come up with an affirmative as to whether or not you have MS. Not all the symptons you describe are typical of MS and no doubt that is why both spinal and brain MRIs are needed.

Hope you get answers soon.

As you have had 2 MRIs by end of this week am sure your Neuro will be able to come up with an affirmative as to whether or not you have MS. Not all the symptons you describe are typical of MS and no doubt that is why both spinal and brain MRIs are needed.

Hope you get answers soon.

As you have will have had 2 MRIs by end of this week am sure your Neuro will be able to come up with an affirmative as to whether or not you have MS. Not all the symptons you describe are typical of MS and no doubt that is why both spinal and brain MRIs are needed.

Hope you get answers soon.


As you have will have had 2 MRIs by end of this week am sure your Neuro will be able to come up with an affirmative as to whether or not you have MS. Not all the symptons you describe are typical of MS and no doubt that is why both spinal and brain MRIs are needed.

Hope you get answers soon.


As you have will have had 2 MRIs by end of this week am sure your Neuro will be able to come up with an affirmative as to whether or not you have MS. Not all the symptons you describe are typical of MS and no doubt that is why both spinal and brain MRIs are needed.

Hope you get answers soon.

I hope you got answers from your neurologist, I have just had my lumber puncture and blood test. I am now waiting for the second MRI in which I asked the doctor when that would be . She said on my notes that it could be in March. I am now waiting for the MRI and the next appointment with the neurologist. Which is in April, still waiting awhile.

My story started October 2017 when I started seeing double, it was February and my optician,  that I told about my vision. Everything came from there.  I was looking after my dad as he was very ill and I was too busy to go to the opticians, my father sadly passed in January and was cremated in February it was then that I asked about my vision. 


My first symptom was the tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. It didn’t always affect all of them, and the numbness seemed to be an issue more after the tingling, but sometimes occurs without the tingling beforehand. Then I began to feel like my legs were bogged down. I run about 5k a day and so this symptoms has been significant because after a run I feel extremely run down and exhausted. Then I developed vertigo and on some occasions double vision. Cognitive fog has been a steadily worsening symptom as well. I initially chalked it up to stress or lack of sleep. Then I developed episodes of reddening and extreme pain and heat in my hands feet and face. It feels as though I put them in scalding hot water, and is alarming in appearance when it occurs. I also have tremors and reduced grasp in my right hand. My reflexe in my left leg is significantly less than my right. I stumble a lot now, and have difficulty finding my words. Oh and this past year I’ve developed urological symptoms, which is embarrassing and awful to deal with in public, but really makes me feel scared about how rapidly my symptoms are progressing lately.



Hi Britt,  have you seen your GP, had a recent blood test then from there to rule out anything then referral for MRI scan and/or a

neurologist so you can get a diagnosis to put your mind at ease at least to know?  I would make a note of all the symptoms for when

you see your GP and anything new so you don't forgot anything that you want to discuss.  I can relate to the tingling and numbness

although I have sensitivity to cold which is difficult in this winter.



Eagle, I had blood work done. I have consistently had positive ANA with a titer of 1:160H speckled. So they are looking into RA and SLE as well. I have difficulty walking, a lot of stiffness and heaviness in my legs, which sometimes improves throughout the day, but most of the time I just try my best to cope with it. I had an EMG done yesterday, and I had one in the past as well. The neurologist said it does not appear to be a peripheral issue and said he is almost certain it is a CNS related disorder. I believe he put in the order for a lumbar puncture, and my MRI order is already in. I just want some sort of help soon because it seems like my symptoms lately are becoming much more intrusive and debilitating and they interfere with my work and time with my kids. As far as sensitivity to cold goes, I have never had that issue, do you experience Raynaud’s phenomena? The heat and sunlight seem to be factors that greatly exacerbate my symptoms. I live in California, so it’s rough for 8 months out of the year. :,(


When I sae your reference to Raynauds I was thinking of a friend that is being treated for it and then few years back was diagnosed with scleroderma which was an autoimmune disease causing over production of a protein in their skin which then becomes totally inflexible. Scleroderma also affects soft tissue and can be very problematic if it gets into lungs and heart. This patient up to then always had good health. Don't panic however it other symptons all point to some form of MS.

I have RRMS and somedays feel great but on others feel wretched with pains in back and lower limbs. Still try to work 5 day week but most days feel exhausted by 2pm.


Hi all ,I was newly diagnosed last yr after 2 yrs of feeling generally unwell which started with extreme tiredness ,anxiety then low vitamin D and started on 6 weeks of high vit D but week 4 became increasingly unwell .After several GP apt in 1 week (and told I had anxiety)and 2 A@E presentations due to acute back and coccyx pain I had 2 MRIs of my back and told I had a slipped disc and given analgesic.Then I lost my balance and had very odd sensations in my head which were so frightening.

I was then referred to pain clinic and saw a doctor who listened to my symptoms and checked reflexes which showed abnormalities he referred me for full brain MRI which came back with lesions in my corpus callosum and others in left hemisphere ?

I  have now been formally diagnosed and nearly 2 yrs on have dates for march to have Ocrevus infusions .

My symptoms now remain intermittent hands ,feet,legs up to knees pins and needles and numbness,the worst is intermittent urine retention but I now have a  knowledgable continence nurse who has scanned my bladder several times( and yes its not working as well as it should )but she has taken time with me and made me feel comfortable to talk about bladder and bowel issues which to me is very personal ,frightening and embarrassing .She is due to come out to me at home next week to teach me how to self catheterise in emergencies (most time im ok)and this will help lesson my anxiety when this happens.

Sorry to go on but I now really believe that MS is still so unknown even some GPs and medical practitioners need to be more updated and aware .I am sure that I have had MS for some yrs and misdiagnosed.

For those newly diagnosed dont be afraid to ask and persevere with your GP if you think you may have MS ask for a MRI and if refused or ignored ask for a second opinion.



Hi everyone. Hope your all ok. I'm new to this site. I'm 35 I've just this last week been referred to a neurologist as I've been suffering on and off with tingling in my hands and feet on and off mainly at night but be coming more often along with hot sweats to the point where my partner can't stand laying next to me and beaches and tiredness. I haven't been to the docs before as I've getting investgaited for bowel issues and a horrible sharp pain I get under my left ribs. I've had colonoscopies, endoscopy ct scan and ultra sound but everythi g has come back clear i also suffer with neuralgia which in the last 8 months seem to be 're occurring more often than once a year. My gp said he wasn't too concerned about my neuralgia but more my other symptoms and wanted a neurologist to see me however Didn't say why. I have family in medical and it was them that suggested I see my gp with my neuralgia and tingling as could be linked

Hello,my name is Rob,I've been suffering since 2016,I've had every known symom there is,my last bloods shown severe vit d deficiency, for the second time with low foliate. Also for the second time,I haven't slept properly I 3yrs due to my spasms, an frequent trips to the loo,my legs went,an had a focal motor seizer in 2016,was diagnosed with sleep apnea 2017,and dementia 2018,can't believe I'm gonna say this but had no sexual motorvation for over 3yrs,I'm lucky I have a loving caring Mrs, who hasn't left my side,my fatigue an my mobility,spasms an bowel an bladder,and sexual dysfunction has never gone away,I've just had about of trigeminal neuralgia,which my dentist confirmed, but had like a small seized ,so I've been referred to secondary care for treatment, and I'm due to see the neuro opthamoligist on Thursday,my double an blared vision is back with pain in eye,an different pupil sizes at times,hip back,neck pain,internal tremors,stiff hands wrists ankles and feet,to be honest with everyone I could scream,that's all for now,this has took everything to do,an it's only half of what I've been and still going through, be back soon,thanks to everyone who read my post.x

Hi there about five months ago I started getting double vision feeling unwell and couldn't feel hot or cold down right side each of those things lasted about two weeks . When my double vision went I started losing vision in right eye I had optic nephritis. I was eventually put on steriods. I was unwell sick intense flu like symptoms head pressure was terrible. Plus my anixty has got extremely bad. Still too this point no diagnosis. I had a mri showed a few small patches of demyelination. Had a chest xray which was fine had so many bloods which are all fine had a lumber punchure which came back fine but I have rwally bad fatigue and extremely exhausted all of the the . Can hardly keep my eyes open. I still feel really unwell most days and anixty is terrible now. They are putting me on something for fatigue amd pain. And another mri in may to compare to last one in November and take it from there. But consultant has said it looks like mild ms as he has ruled out alot of other things with those tests. It's been the worst time ever. Iv had to push amd push to get to this point. It's horrible and thw unknown makes it worse. I have just turned 30 with two young girls amd husband amd all I want is to feel fit anough to do things again. I have ok days where I don't feel as bad and I hope these tablets will help x

Here many users are sharing their experiences about MS, it is nice that we are here in a thread and discussion about our problems. Thanks

Hi there,

 I was told a few years ago that a temporary loss of eyesight in one eye over six weeks was probably a sign of MS but that no-one is diagnosed as having MS until they get multiple 'attacks'. Recently, I had orbital pain for a few weeks in my other eye and have also had a period of having pins and needles, which I didn't realise was a symptom at the time.

I have an appointment with my GP on Monday and will ask to be referred back to the Neurology department.

What symptoms have you experienced?

Best wishes,



Wondering if the whole weird mix of things I have could be MS. The big three are some pain behind my left eye with occasional headache, needing to wee often, and some spasm like pain in my upper right arm. Other things too though like occasional pins and needles and slight cognitive stuff like not being able to remember words.
I mentioned my concerns to my GP and had my eyes checked at opticians ( all seemed OK) but GP didn't really engage with my concerns around MS.
I think he thinks I have mild depression and some health anxiety and so I couldn't have anything else.
But could definitely be some physical stuff going on in my opinion.
Just don't know what yet.
Do you sometimes have to wait until things progress before you get a diagnosis I'm wondering?
Watch and wait as someone mentioned?


Have been diagnosed with RRMS now a few years back. All started after back pain and then walking with a limb. Have pins and needles right down both legs, stiffness, and more back pain. Have little or no problems with eyesight and am on medication both for MS and gabapentin for pain relief.

HI there, I'm writing for my 17 year old son. He has been diagnosed with POTS (a form of dysautonomia) and ME/CFS for over two years now. Its been a tough journey getting to this point. However the past few months my son has complained of random tingling/burning/extremely sensitive areas of skin. First on his upper right back, then right thumb and index finger, same hand and more recently down his left leg. With POTS, the symptoms are fatigue, dizziness, headaches/migraines, brain fog and lots of other symptoms. However, bearing in mind his symptoms and his 'I thought' new symptoms. I've asked his GP to monitor him for query over MS. I have recently looked back at the diary I kept back in 2017- Oddly his first symptoms were intact, pins and needles in his hands and feet - legs and arms not feeling like they belonged to him - numbness in his feet - I've even written that he comments (back in 2017) that he was needing to use the walls to walk through the house - I must be honest, I'd forgotten all of this - but the more I read, the more I'm concerned. I realise you are not able to comment and help diagnose - but I wondered if anyone else here who has a diagnosis of MS, was originally diagnosed with something else first? I do wonder if my son has been given the wrong diagnosis with POTS, especially as the POTS medication really makes not a slight bit of difference to his POTS symptoms.

Thank you for reading :) 

Hi Everyone, Just trying to get people thoughts and help. I don't have a final MS diagnosis yet but wanted some feedback. I have just given a short bit of background to my current situation but my questions are at the bottom of this forum entry.

I had a TIA or minor stroke in 2017 following that I had a number of tests, scans, etc, to determine the cause. It turned out I had high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and I was defiantly over weight by about 3-4 stone. I had been feeling unwell before my TIA, unsurprisingly, but some of the symptoms carried on after medication and doing something about my weight (I managed to lost a stone).

The NHS found 3 legions on my spine, top, middle and bottom (yes just like the old TV show for those old enough) and after 6 months my neurologist said that very probably I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She asked me to keep notes on my symptoms (which I had been doing anyway) and maybe change my diet to help with my weight. which I have been doing.

I moved to a plant based diet which I have been on for nearly 6 months. there is no doubt the my symptoms have reduced both in frequency and intensity. I know this because of my note taking. I have lost another 2 stone over this time which I am sure has also played it part. however, the attacks or flares, as I call them, have not disappeared.

I flare (buzz or tingle) from the tips of my fingers to the tip of my toes sometimes. At other times it'll be just fingers and/or toes. Quite often before the flare and sometimes after I feel anxious, sad and/or angry just very emotional for what seems no reason but most of all i feel very tired. At work I also find it had to think straight sometimes and can make simple mistakes with numbers, which is very frustrating as I've always been good with numbers.

 Question. I have nobody who can relate to me on this whole thing. Is there some where I can go locally, just to be able to maybe ask some, what seem, silly questions and get understanding. My friends and family do love me but I don't think they quite understand me or my symptoms.

Thanks, Darren.


I'm new to this forum, I've had a number of on going problems ie fatigue, joint pain weakness, fuzzy feeling in my head ringing and tingling sensation numerous uti problems for a couple of years. I've had an mri and the report says multiple areas of abnormal increased signal in the cortical/juxtacortical and deep white matter bilaterally.
I have been referred to neurologist and he did an exam tonok notes ie family health issues autoimmune diseases etc he had the report but no scan to look at as he had to request that from the hospital where the scan was done he say he will look at it and write to me with his findings. I have contacted secretary as 4 weeks have now passed she says he is on leave and is going to have a mtd meeting when he returns. 1st may.
I don't know what it is and I'm constantly thinking about the whole thing.


There should be a local MS Action group in your area. I had planned to attend but a nurse friend told me it is not for everyone and as many have many symptons it could become bit depressing.

Thanks Bracknagh.

Over the past years I’ve largely lived life as normal. I go to the park with my dog, go to work, read a good book on the couch. If, every now and then, something a little odd happened, say my fingers went numb or i walked into a couple walls, I’d brush it off as paranoia or hypochondria. After all it must happen to everyone right? 

It wasn’t until i started talking to some friends that I realised your hand going numb, or dropping the thing you were holding perfectly fine 2 seconds ago wasn't really a usual occurrence. When I started explaining about the weakness and inabilty to function in the heat for any length of time with my legs feeling like they would collapse and what has rapidly become near constant dizziness and vertigo the past couple of weeks, they became genuinely alarmed. Now im beginning to wonder if, as I’ve suspected for some time; something deeper may be the cause. Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

Migraines •2011

General Fatigue (worse with heat) • 2012 

Numbness/Dullness left hand • 2014

Pinkie Twitching/bouncing • 2014

Bladder issues • 2014

Weakness legs/ stumbling/ tripping/ right foot numbness (gets worse in heat) • 2015  

Dizziness/ vertigo • 2016

Arm Weakness/ tiring quickly • 2016

Eye pain with eye movement • 2017

Intermittent blurred vision/ sensitivity to light • 2017

Shaking/ buzzing in hands/ legs • 2018

Loss of fine motor skills/ weakness in hands (worse with heat) • 2018 

I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar experience? These symptoms are not constant but rather come and go for a day or two or a couple of weeks. 

Thanks for reading, 


This is not looking good. Get checked out ASAP by a Neurologist.

Hi I’m new to this , I’m so scared at the mo I’ve had tingling in my legs , my shins (bones in legs ) feel so cold , my arm goes dead heavy but can move it , I’ve had a constant headache for 4 weeks which makes my eyes feel sore when I say headache it’s like a heavy fog does anyone else have symptoms like this I’m now waiting for neurological appointment 



I'm new to this forum and came across it looking at my symptoms and what's happened to me the past 5 weeks. I sincerely hope I'm just being super paranoid and that someone can help or offer advice on these symptoms.

Around 5 weeks ago, I woke up with the biggest pain in my shoulder. It was pure agony and didn't seem to go. I thought I'd slept funny, then I thought I'd pulled a muscle. It was so bad I couldn't sleep and went to the doctors after about 2 weeks of it. The doc just dismissed it and told me to continue taking ant-iinflamatry and pain killers. Around 2 weeks ago, my pain slowly turned into pins and needles. Not just normal pins and needles, but full on ones. Also, when I moved a certain way it felt like I was catching something in my shoulder,  which caused a spasm of pain! I thought I definitely had a pinched nerve and as I couldn't get an appointment with the doctor, I had a phone consultation and they agreed that it was probably a trapped nerve and referred me to physio. Called them and couldn't get an appointment until June, but suggested I call everyday just in case someone has cancelled. Luckily someone did and I got my appointment a few days later.....

Physio did lots of tests and told me that it definitely wasn't muscular or a trapped nerve. They then went on to do further 'neurological' tests, one of which was reflex and I had absolutely none on the pins and needles arm! He also did another test and I had rushes of pins and needles all down my face and arm. He went off to talk to his superior and then came back and said he thought it was nerve inflammation, that he couldn't help me, but if anything changed in my condition to go straight to A&E. This of course set me to panic and look up all the tests and symptoms leading me to this page....eeek! Not sure if this is just a coincidence either, but today I woke up and I feel like I've pulled a pain in my buttock. Maybe I have, but I haven't done anything that would make me pull it?! Again..this could just be me reading into things too much! One last thing before I go, when I had a shower (was stayting at my friends, so just been having baths) it caused the pins and needles sensation all through the top of my head! 

Please tell me to just go away and forget it, that I'm being stupid as this is absolutely driving me mad! Especially as I can't sleep. If I turn in my sleep the pain in my arm and pins and needles sensation wakes me up. Also..(i know a long post right) I called the doc back with what had happened at the physio and she told me to make an appt. However my appt was with another doc who said she thought it was a trapped nerve. I told her it wasn't and she told me to just wait and see what happens as she has no idea what it is!!

Thanks for reading and any help or suggestions of what to do next? Or if you think I'm just over reacting.

Thanks :)



Hi, I'm in a pickle with mad symptoms too. It's scary and just mad! 

About 5 weeks ago I woke up with a pain in my left shoulder,  I thought I'd slept funny and it would be ok as the day went on. It didn't! In fact after 2 weeks of pain and no sleep...(every time I turned it woke me up) I went to the docs. They said it was nothing, told me to take anti-inflammatory (which I was already taking) and painkillers. This carried on, however,  the pain turned into pins and needles. Not just normal pins and needles, but I'd get a rush of them all down my arm and up to my face if I even slightly move my left arm. I couldn't get an appointment at the docs, so called and told them I thought I had a trapped nerve. He referred me to a physio who I called but couldn't get an appt for months. They said to call back every day for a cancellation. I was super lucky and managed to get one.

Went to my physio appt and he did an exam and said that it most definitely wasn't a trapped nerve or muscular. He did my reflexes and there was none on my left side at all! He also did this foot thing and I could feel it, but not as sensitive as the right side. Also, told me to move my head back and a severe rush of pins and needles all down my arm and face again, but more so than before. He went and spoke to his supervisor and said I have 'nerve inflammation' and to take Naproxen for 2 weeks and see how it went. I've been taking for 1 weed, but had already been taking anti-inflammatory for weeks before! 

I called my doctors and a doctor called me back and she said to come in immediately. However I saw another doc (not the one I spoke to) and she said it was a trapped nerve. Told her it wasn’t and she just kept saying she had no idea and to go back to physio. Got an appt with them next Thursday! 

A couple of days ago I was sat down and stood up to do something and the almightiest pain shot through my left bum cheek. Felt a mix of cramp and a pulled muscle. This carried on all day yesterday and then moved down to my left calf. It would come and go as spasms of pain, again, a bit like cramp. Horrible and absolutely no idea if its related? My arm is starting to feel a bit like a dead arm some mornings or day times and today I'm getting the pins and needles when I stand up in my groin area. It's all bloody mad and annoying and of course a wee bit scary!! I've just ordered super high strength vitamin B just in case it's that too. 

Any advice or if you've had similar symptoms would help me from going insane!! Thank you x


Difficult to say what you have. MS is a a strange being and affects everyone differently. I have RRMS which started from a bout of severe Back pain which when subsided resulted in me losing power of my left leg and trailing my foot. I also have severe pins and needles some of which may also come from arthritis at the base of my spine. It took several appointments with a neuroconsultant and a battery of MRIs before they could give a firm diagnosis of MS. I am on a medication to slow the MS which seems to be working; also take Vitamin D and a tablet called Gabapentin for Neuro pain.

Hope you get sorted but sounds as if you need to be seen by a neuroconsultant to get your condition properly diagnosed.


Thanks. I do think that's the next stage!! Hope you're feeling ok today and that the tablets continue to work!


On April 10, after a 25 min work-out in an elliptical trainer, I got an onset of twitching (fasciculations) in my legs, calves and randomly in arms, abdomen, back. I got very anxious because the twitches remained and I had pain and some stiffness in my legs (like accumulated lactic acid).  The forth day I went to my GP she referred me to the Neurologist. He made a physical examination and did not find any neurological symptom.  Then I also got some tingling in hands and feet, but there were explained as anxiety by my GP. Later I also got some painful points in my fingers and the muscles of my hands and arms. After 3 weeks I was examined by another Neurologist, he neither found any neurological symptom. He told me that I should not be afraid of getting a terrible illness because my neurological "hardware" was working good. I felt that he did not gave importance to the sensations that I feel. He told that my fasciculations, and other symptoms could be caused by many other factors, including my anxiety. I have got once  a sensation of numbness in the left right side of my face, but not real numbness because it was sensitive to touch, temperature, pricking, vibrations.

 Right now I feel tiredness in my back, soft twitches in my face, and the most concerning for me is that in the last few weeks the sight of my left eye has considerable worsened. Often I feel some weakness in my limbs, but still work very good.  I get pain in some of my fingers but I can do all fine tasks. Some times I get the feeling that I will get a cramp in my hands, but that does not occur. My GP said that some times the peripheral neurons get exacerbated and do not coordinate good their signalling with the Central Nervous System.

I decided to start a anxiolytic treatment (Citalopram) 3 days ago. The second day I got double vision (it is indicated as a neither frequent nor rare side-effect). I saw face of people twice in vertical, also other things, but not big objects. I went to the Emergency Doctor. They again made a smaller neurological examination, and even when I showed her my irritated eye, that I saw the figures of the eye-check table doubled (twice), and my score was a bit lower than the average for the small figures, they told me that it was not of concern, because she explained it  like "side effects of the anxiolitic".

I am very concerned about my eye because I see symptoms of MS (dipoplia or signs of neuritis), or perhaps it is just a condition mimicking MS... I feel headache some times when I move or focus to much this eye  (when I use the muscle and nerve). There is a position in the left side of my vision field, where I always see double-figures (9.30-9.45 according to the clock), but only there. 

Do these symptoms look like MS? Could you give my your opinion? Or could really be just anxiety related. For me it is difficult to explain what is happenting to my ehe. Thanks.




First symptoms

It was a long time ago(30yrs) .I think my first symptoms were  that very occasionally i felt as if i was" living in a movie" in the sense that for a few minutes  not all my senses were fully "on line" though i continued to be able to function.Then many years later i had a  very stressful time after my father in law died without warning who i was very close to .On the funny side the police managed to loose his body for about a hour in the morgue when i went to identify  him .I then caught the flu , lost my balance completely  and had optic problems and the official part having  suspected MS began.


Hope this helps



Here is a 2-minute video discussing the signs and symptoms of MS.


Hi i had weird tingling sensation down one leg but dismissed it, then had a very stressful time with my daughter in school and i began getting what we thought was bells palsy as my head and neck would twitch/spasm, it stopped after a few days, dismissed that as well. I continued to reguarly feel light headed and dizzy, but dismissed that as well Then about 1yr later, stressed in work my vision went funny in one eye and i felt dizzy and sick, i couldnt form a sentence then after it passed i got very bad pins and needles down my right hand and fingers with bad headache.
After having an MRI on my head i was told i have inflammed blood vessels in my brain, and this looks like the early signs of MS , iam now waiting to see a neurologist.
I feel abit shocked and sad, i dont want to be a burden on anyone.