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Possible MS Or Low Blood Pressure

Hi all

Firstly sorry for the longwinded post! I am trying to figure out if I should be concerned about some symptoms or trust the opinion of 2 doctors who have said low blood pressure is responsible, due to Covid restrictions I haven't been able to see a doctor but have spoken to two different ones this week by phone.

I was diagnosed with AF (irregular heart beat etc) a year ago and put on the beta blocker Bisoporol 2.5mg, my condition didn't improve in terms of still suffering from the attacks of high heart rate so started on 5mg of the same tablet a few weeks ago. The last week or so I have had tingling in my hands and slightly in my lower leg, like pins and needles but not so extreme and only for a few seconds each time, I have also had a slight tingling around my mouth, it only seems to happen if I move position, stand up or move around. My blood pressure has been low but the last few days since I stopped taking the higher dose of the tablet my blood pressure isn't quite as low. The tingling isn't as severe, I did ask the doctor about mY MS fears, I think since the AF diagnosis I know i have health anxiety! She said the fact it wasn't only on one side as was coming and going and not lasting long meant it wasn't MS. 

My other concern is that around a year ago pre starting any beta blockers I experienced two episodes of double vision like symptoms, each lasted around 10 minutes and once I felt calm again went, she said this was likely also low blood pressure or anxiety. Interestingly both were after I had done some physical activity, the second time I was thinking 'oh imagine if I got the weird vision again' and then I did. I saw an optician who said nothing was wrong with vision.


The doctor has advised me to wait and see but is adamant it's nothing sinister other than a reaction to having low blood pressure. 


Like I said having the AF diagnosis out of the blue (i'm 37) has caused me to over think anything related to my health, I have asked to be referred for some form of counselling as I recognise there's an issue there but just wondered if anyone has experience of things starting in this way or indeed low blood pressure or anxiety mimicking symptoms?


Thanks again and I hope your all having a good week.smiley



Hi J

I had low blood pressure for years, with bouts of fainting to the point where a paramedic came out after i cracked my head on the quarry tiled kitchen floor.

how are you for fainting?

it doesn't mean that you have MS though.

leave it up to your GP and keep a diary of what symptoms you have whilst not becoming obsessed with health problems.

there are so many possible causes for symptoms.

do as the doctor ordered and wait and see.

distraction is the best way to avoid health anxiety, so try to make plans to meet with friends (socially distanced of course).

good luck

Carole x

oh and i self-medicate with salty snacks, pringles right now!

my GP told me to eat more salt so these pringles are my medication!