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  1. Having been on 3different d.m.d iameventualnow at the end of myself I was prescribed fentynal 10 Yeats ago.recently I Have been told it's addictive and of no use for chronic pain so to put 
  2. A
  4. long story short first I was told g.p was getting audit then 3 weeks later it's the government that says Stop issuing
  5. So why does all the so called junkies still being allowed their methadone at the cost of
  6. Millions and millions. They have decide thAt no m.s does not give you chronic pain .
  7. Can someone please tell me why I am pretending about severe pain 

We know you`re not pretending hun.
Your pain is real.

Can I suggest you put this thread on the everyday living board, as you may get more replies?

Take care.


I'm angered that the Government should advise no more of any medication that could possibly help us.

Curiously, they don't advise us to stop paying our taxes accordingly.