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Wheelchair access cinemas and theatres

My wife has had Prim Prog MS for 30 years and is confined to an electric wheelchair. We recognise there has been much improvement to access for wheelchairs to cinemas and theatres and a lot more needs to be done. New build projects should improve both access and the number of places available. 

Often venues provide access to satisfy the minimum requirements to satisfy the law.

we find cinemas a challenge as wheelchair spaces aren’t in every screen in multiplex venues and spaces generally right at the front. Often too close to lift head up to see properly or side wards to capture full screen

Theatres are much more accessible but all too often not enough places to satisfy demand so we often miss out on popular productions such as operas, ballet and plays. This is despite the fact on such occasions we get a place, often the last place, the theatre is half full and turning away wheelchair users surely this isn’t morally defensible. 

Having MS means we can’t book to far in advance as illness is always around the corner.


We think it’s time that Cinemas and Theatres put more creative thinking on how to accommodate wheelchair users in greater numbers.

How do we apply pressure to have improvements made

I have MS

I prefer online theatre and films. I'm happier watching at home.