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Welcome to the MS News and Announcements board.

We’ve set up this board for you to keep up to date and discuss topics that we feel are important to you: latest MS research, MS news in general and occasionally, what we’re up to here at the MS Society.

We hope that you’ll find the board interesting and informative. Do let us know what your thoughts and any suggestions for our new board. 

Oliver (admin)

Hi Everyone,

I have only very recently after an MRI scan been diagnosed with MS, indeed, I have not yet seen my consultant after the diagnosis. I have not been walking well for some years and have been tripped by my right foot which has caused me to have heavy falls. My balance on the right leg is poor I have also suffered a burning sensation in my thigh and pain around my right hip. These pains have at times so severe that I couldn't stand or walk. I have been prescribed Neurontin which helps with the pain and I am walking with the aid of a stick. but don't know what to expect when I see the consultant. The pain is bad on occasion and my right leg occasionally cramps really hard causing my thigh to lift and my calf to flex. I Will ask about obtaining a blue badge for my car and if I can claim disability.

Any comments and replies from anyone would be appreciated.

Best wishes to all

Hi Blazer, you may want to create a new thread for this in the 'newly diagnosed' board as it may not be seen by our members as much being a comment on this thread. Oliver - admin


Hi all

I have been diagnosed with MS recently and today i have been given the option of either Aubagio or Tecfidera. Am feeing a little scared reading the side effects but i need to make a decision. Can anyone give me some guidance? would really appreciate some feed back if anyone has any on these medications.



Hi Anonymous

I was diagnosed with MS in 1981 and I had no medications offered to me apart from steroids!  I hope you get some good responses from your question and good luck with whatever you choose.

Sorry to hear that. Thank you and I think I have made a decision. Just have to wait and see. 

Many thanks for your response 


I was on glatiramer acetate from April 2015 till October 2017. I had to switch to another medication as the glatyra stopped production/delivery in/to India. Since I was totally against taking interferon, my neurologist prescibed the oral pill azoprine 50 mg. It's dirt cheap and has been effective in most cases. You might want to talk to your doctor about this alternative.


Hi All,
I'm 25 years old and now it has been more than 3 years that I've been diagnosed with RRMS.
Smoking is harmful for MS patients, I'm aware, but I've benefited from limited marijuana consumption. My neurologist is aware of it but refuses to either prescribe or proscribe it, since the substance is illegal in India. In my experience, it helped me with my depression, and muscle spasms when taken in limits.

I wonder if there are others who have experienced the same.
Let me know your thoughts.


I have MS

Hello Ankona

Welcome to our forum. You would probably get more replies to your question by starting a New Thread on the Everyday Living part of the forum. Just go into that section, hit the New Thread button and post you’d message / questions. 

You’ll find that in the U.K., some people take your option of using cannabis illegally, some use Sativex (a semi available cannabis derived mouth spray) and some use CBD oil or paste. CBD is the part of cannabis that is not psychoactive. 

This site cannot positively approve of people breaking the law, but some individuals have stated that they use the illegal variant. 

The UK government has just recently said that cannabis will be available for medical use that includes THC and CND. Although the amount of THC (the more useful bit according to many people) will be miniscule. 



Hello folks.

I was diagnosed with RRMS almost seven years ago and although I should be celebrating my life, having a wonderful partner, little girl (3 this year.), just having moved house to be with my family (after a long wait and thanks to mya6mazing in-laws.), why do I feel so down and dependent on my other half, causing her stress and anxiety?

I just thought I'd say hi and wave to you all. =D

laugh Hello y'all laugh

I was diagnosed with RRMS around seven years ago, near my 40th, oh well...

Hope youre all good and smiling.