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Update on Cannabis based Prescriptions!

Hi all,


Just seen this in which it states that Cannabis based products will be authorised for prescription in UK from November 1st. Only to be prescribed by Specialist Doctors or Neurologists



Hello MM, they are making an announcement tomorrow, about cannabis-based prescriptions, and I suspect that the only people to get a prescription will be people like Billy Cauldwell who suffer with extreme epilepsy. I believe that the NICE committee are going to report back in about a years' time with a list of conditions that will be eligible - the MS Society will be lobbying, between now and then, on our behalf, hopefully! This first announcement is just an interim measure, to try and stop the bad-press that they're getting!

More patience will be required, methinks. However, at least they're finally acknowledging that cannabis has something to offer.

Onwards and upwards.

I was prescribed Cannabis spray about four months ago. Whilst I had a slight delay on getting a repeat prescription I now have another month supply and I was told to ask for repeat prescription when I was down to my last spray. It does help with spasticity and I do't find the taste offensive as some people have told me inn he past.
I am constantly being told it costs £400 per month ! I don't know if that has any implications in the future but I have not been asked to pay for it again as some people have told me a long time ago.
I hope the Government and NHS will open up the whole debate on Cannabis and explore its other uses.

Hello anonymouse, getting Sativex on prescription puts you in a very small group of people who are lucky enough to be able to give it a go - I'm glad it works for you. Getting Sativex is a lottery that most people don't win.

The law changed yesterday - - but, we're at the start of a long road. The first step has been taken though!

Now it's been recheduled from a Schedule 1 substance to a Schedule 2 substance, the medical research license will be a lot easier to apply for and get.

Cheers and good luck.