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Regeneration of myelin

I hope it is OK for me to post a link to a very exciting article entitled ‘Multiple sclerosis—cholesterol crystals prevent regeneration in central nervous system’...

Anne heart

I have MS

Hi Anne,

I suspect that the reason your post stayed quiet is not because of the subject. It's that people who have had MS for many years have seen and heard a lot about advances in medical science.

Unfortunately, very few of these have been translated into practical benefit for us. We are interested and do appreciate the important work going on, but what we really want to see is a cure.

I love your enthusiasm and don't want you to disappear off the Forum for lack of a response.

Best wishes.


My enthusiasm won’t be halted... far from it...!!!

I’m considering ways of accumulating data such that it might be of benefit to research, and maybe even significantly improve our prognosis... 

Anne heart

Nice to see someone is paying attention. I think the remylination process carries on all the time for everybody all tjhe time although it gets weaker with age. yes I think remylination is impeded by damaged myelin getting in the way of oligodendrocytes. GSK has identified histamione receptor 3 as negatively regulating oligodendrocytes and is doing research. Don't hold your breath. High strenght EPA fish it has been suggested might help. 

Here’s a link for EPA vs DHA...

I’ve been taking Cod Liver Oil capsules most of my adult life, and which, latterly, contain Omega-3 fish oil, but they don’t differentiate between EPA and DHA.

I’m very tempted to take extra EPA for 3-6 months to see if it helps with MS inflammation and brain issues... Any comments...???

Anne frown

  • Interesting reading others I had and have taken cod liver oil since I was old enough
  • To take from a spoon.we ate Fresh  fish nearly everyday as my dad and grandfather are great fishers.I'm talking salmon,rainbow trout a d Brown as well .so do you think that the lack of 
  • A healthy and nutritious diet during our  early years can play a part in any of our illness now.