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hi all, what a farse this pip lark is

i filled the foms in early 2017 to go from a dla indifinate award to pip which is a nightmare in itself. i had a face to face ( origionally in a nearby town 10 -15 miles away but there was no way i could have made it there let alone coped when i was there, and there was an actual place in my home town where they could have done it ) After a letter from my gp to say i cant travel to the location and want nearer they cancelled the app and made another- for the same place, Doh!!

yet again i contacted them and said i cant do that and i requested my home townto which finally i got one in my area.

The face to face i felt went ok but the stuff the lovely atos woman put in her report was rubbish, she said at one point about how we got there then said that she is not from the area so doesnt really know it well- well unfortunately for her i looked her up on social media and she lives less than a mile away from myself and went to a local school, one of the lies she said.

so got the letter from pip- 6pts care and 4 mobility- so thought they are at least aknowledging i have problems

Mandatory reconsideration- no change still the same award.

Right i did the tribunal route which they accepted the appeal to go to the courts.

Probably like many others with this illness i suffer from Vertigo which affects me going onto different floors in a building- this was all stated in my notes. Anyway i got to the court and did the security checks and the the security guy said

' right its up on the 2nd floor'

obvious my reply was on the lines of i cant go up there and explained why to them. one of them went upstairs and had a word with the clerk and explained, they looked in my notes and the judge, disability person, doctor and dwp guy came down very apologetic and opened up a room on the ground floor, which was good of them to be honest.

After being in there for over an hour and being asked loads of questions they sent me out of the room and said they would make the decision and call me back, strangely the dwp guy had to come out too. He started talking to me and said i should go to CAB whatever the outcome and put in for it again. eh??

Anyway he went off, no idea where and the clerk called me back in.The judge started explaining the award and to be honest i had had enough and couldnt really take in what she was saying.  she then said i have been awarded however many points on care and mobility which took my total so to put me on std rate for each.

What a relief , they printed me out their decision and said would send to dwp/piptoo.

That was on the 25th May- their origional decision was back in april  2017 i think.

Phoned pip on the  following monday and yes they had recieved the  decision from the court and was on a pile so go through.

I still have had no word from pip/dwp what is happening over 2 weeks later.

Anyway to anyone going through this keep plodding on through it, hopefully it will be worth it in the end if they ever get round to reinstating the payments.

Does anyone know how long they take to process it after a tribunal win - i have bills to pay lol

Went through the same hoop jumping bull crap myself. All my savings were stolen from my bank & they took my driving licence away. After nearly dying from the dodgy medication, I was sent to see a neuro-psychologist & deemed to be losing the plot, after I lost my job, home & all my contacts. It's all a dysfunctional scam. Years later & 2 tribunals with enough paperwork to deforest a country. I was awarded stuff. After they had made my condition much worse. It's laughable! Idiots, playing mind games with peoples lives. All my best wishes for your outcomes folks. Live through the poisonous times & stay strong. If we achieve anything in this life, they will claim credit for it, to boost their ratings. They care!

Well done on your win.
I'm not sure but think it can take 6 to 8 weeks before they pay up. After all they loose so many tribunals they must have a massive backlog to clear.


I was diagnosed 18 years ago . 6 years ago I was made redundant , I do get help with a automatic car from mobility and I do get esa and I used to get help with my interest on my mortgage but since april I pay mortgage and interest . I also get help with council tax so don't have to pay .pip have not been in contact yet and do I have to get incontact with them . I don't understand how it works can anyone help me and give me advice

Hi Anon, 

if you are claiming DLA then let sleeping dogs lie and wait until you are contacted by DWP regarding a transfer to PIP.

I have MS

I agree with Horsemad, wait till you are ‘invited’ to make a claim for PIP. In the meantime your DLA award will just continue. What I would do to get prepared for the inevitable time when you have to make a claim for PIP is to start organising evidential paperwork. So keep any letters that are sent to you from neurologists, social services, any other medical professionals or anywhere else that will support your claim when you have to make it. 

You could also start to familiarise yourself with the rules for PIP so it’s not such a big leaning curve when you have to make your claim. Have a look at



Dear all,

PIP is a complete and utter nightmare. I had my assessment a few weeks ago and on Saturday got a letter to say I was scored 0 points for both living and mobility allowance! 

The report was unbelievable. It seemed like the Assessor must have got me confused with someone else.

The report stated that I had said I was enjoying gardening!!!!! Or if the Assessor didn't write that in her report, the DWP person has misinterpreted what was said so they could knock the claim back.

What I did say when asked if I had any hobbies was, I can no longer drive my car, continue with horseriding or even walk my dog due to the mobility issues in both legs and my upper region. The only thing I have been able to do is sit in the garden (making the most of the good weather we have had) rather than sit in the house surrounded by walls getting even more depressed.

it seems crazy that they don't look at the facts such as I have had to give up a very responsible and well paid career (so my life has been completely turned upside down). Who on earth wants to be in this position.....I certainly don't and I am sure that everyone else on these forums don't. 

Needless to say I am contacting DWP for mandatory reconsideration, but listening to reports and feedback from others will no doubt end up pursuing through a tribunal!

Take care all xx

I have MS

Yes, it’s a total nightmare. There are a few things I would suggest everyone keeps in mind. 

The line ‘reliably, safely and repeatedly’ should be used / remembered. Whatever you can or can’t do, you need to think about whether you are safe, whether you can do it to the same standard as someone able bodied, and whether you can do it again or need a rest. So it’s particularly useful for the walking 20/50 metres activity. But it’s also useful for the daily living activities. 

Keep in your mind the Activities and associated Descriptors. If you’re not sure what they are, here they are: You should score 8 points for the standard rate and 12 points for the enhanced rate for each component. 

If you don’t know how to fill in the claim form, or the mandatory reconsideration form, or need help with an appeal, try to get help from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) or another welfare rights organisation. 

You should also make sure if possible that you have at least a basic understanding of the rules. See

If you feel that you need/want to know more and/or are completing the forms alone, consider joining Their members only guides are excellent. It costs about £20 per year but it’s worth it. 

Remember evidence is key. Whatever you say on your form, try to back up each statement with a written form of evidence. So, use letters from your neurologist, MS nurse, physiotherapist, psychologist, bowel and bladder nurse, GP, carer, anyone else professional or not, who knows you and your physical and/or mental abilities. If you have one, include your social services care plan. 

Try not to be combative when completing your forms. Treat the whole exercise as something you are doing to help the assessor and DWP decision maker (remember this is a two stage process, the assessor is not a direct DWP employee, s/he makes a report; your claim, the evidence you provide, plus the report from the assessor, is used by a DWP decision maker to decide your claim) to understand who you are and how your disability affects you. 

Best of luck to everyone. It’s a difficult thing to do, it worries the pants off everyone (me included) and the wait for the decision is hell. 

The reconsideration process is still more hellish. Everyone who has to live through the process has my sympathy. Mine was decided just over a year ago but it feels like yesterday.


I have MS

PIP news:

People with the most severe, life-long conditions will no longer have to attend regular reviews for Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

I have MS

Wow, brilliant, thanks for that Fay. That’s you and me sorted, just have to help everyone else to join our gang now (ie the paper based assessment, 10 year enhanced awards gang)!!


I have re-read the information on this point, that can be found on the .gov website. It states if you are in receipt of the PIP benefit at the higher rate for all parts, or something along those lines, so if you are higher mobility and lower living, or vice versa, this might not be the case.

I have MS


My understanding is that once you have PIP enhanced rate for both, and have SPMS or Progressive, and have had 

a 10 yr award, you will get a 'light touch' assessment every 10 years.

This will be more about checking address and bank details.


Ref: 18 June 2018

"New guidance coming into effect this summer means people who are awarded the highest level of support under PIP – and where their needs are expected to stay the same or increase – will receive an ongoing award of PIP with a light touch review every 10 years."


Some useful news website to follow generally:





Yes, that was my point, it says "people who are awarded the highest level of support under PIP" i.e. you have to have higher rate for both

I have MS

So, the misery continues. 

Hi  PJday

is this true about pip 

sorry my hubby has secondary progressive ms and has been receiving DLA motorbiluty and care for about 7 years now and had the indefinite due to his unbalance and that his eyes were affected by the lapse he had in 2009

when he’s out on his feet his eyes dance and he gets the freeze frame making it difficult to comply with movement in traffic by way of both people and vehicles etc.

that’s just one of many ms things he deals with as do others. We had the DLA is ending letter had the pip form sent all documents to show he sees ms consultant DR Sharak the tv one so well known paper from ms nurse paper to show he has a wheel chair paper to show he had received disabled accessories hand rails walk in shower down stairs toilet. Eye specialist letter.

now just got a letter some ones coming to do the face to face at home ?????? Do they ignore real specialist should we play nice and offer tea and coffee.

grateful for any support on this 






As I understand it you have to have an assessment first then be placed in the no more reassessment group.
So very good luck.

I have MS

Yes, good news with more details to follow from the DWP. 

As you mentioned - NHS evidence is the key thing for those new to PIP  - have all your NHS assessments, Care Plans, OT and physio, MS Nurse paperwork ready to send with the PIP form.

If you score 0, I feel it is better to do this than go for MR. You can reapply for PIP anytime.

Don't expect them to contact your GP and get a reply. Few GPs have the time

to do this within the 4 week PIP time frame - and your GP my be on holiday, or may not known you well. 

Unless you tell your GP about your care needs they will not know what to write. Keep your GP up to date. Get your

carers/helpers registered on the GP's computer. Tell your GP if you cannot drive, or cook, or dress without help.

I would write this info in an email or a letter and have it scanned into the GPs computer - and then get a "To whom it 

may concern' letter with all this written up from your GP. You will have to pay for this. Mine was £13.

So approach PIP as if you were doing the assessment of yourself. Be proactive - contact everyone who cares or helps you

both NHS professionals and informal or formal carers and get them all to contribute to your PIP report. Do all this

before the PIP form arrives - you won't have time otherwise.





I sent off my form 8 weeks ago and all I’ve heard is that they received my form. Anyone else been waiting long ?


My PIP process took 12 weeks from the start to the decision.

After week 4 they said they were writing to my GP and MS Nurse.

On week 5 they said they had enough information and it would be 6 weeks for the decision.

Perhaps they are short of staff, who would want to be an ATOS assessor these days?

They have such a poor reputation. 


Hi everyone,

Hope your all well as can be! I've been dx with PPMS for 15yrs. I was awarded lifetime high rate DLA,

I got my dreaded PIP form, filled and sent away. Put as much detail as possible on the form. I now have an appointment at home with someone from PIP. I know these people aren't doctors. Do i have the right to contact them and ask if the person coming out is qualified in neurological conditions? When i applied for DLA all those years ago, i was assessed at home and the person didn't write anything i said, i was refused and had to appeal. The appeal panel actual apologised and said i should never had been in that situation and awarded my lifetime high rate DLA. I'm really dreading this meeting sad