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Could anyone advise me if there are any campaigns going on about PIP and regular assessments? I was only awarded PIP for 4 years, my DLA was for life. My PIP runs out next year at the same time as my motability car and I'm very concerned about going through this traumatic experience again. My brother seems to think that it was on the news saying people with degenerative conditions shouldn't have to go through regular assessments? 

I would appreciate any information regarding this.


Many thanks

Just apply in advance & you should be okay.

Blame the gits with nothing wrong, who are screwing the system.

Campaigners just get into trouble, in this political jungle of half wits.

They'll cut their own heads off, eventually.

Terry wink

I think that your brother may have got mixed up with the announcement a few months back about stopping/reducing pointless repeated Work Capabity Assesments for ESA. Not PIP.

I would advise that you start collecting all your supporting evidence for PIP together now rather than trying to do it in a hurry when you have to re-apply. Having all of your medical reports together in a folder - and your copy of your last application for PIP too - makes the process much less stressful. And any little reduction in the stress of applying is a very good thing.

I have MS

I agree with the others, it's a system that has been abused and now a crackdown on the genuinely seriously ill.

The old adage of forewarned is forearmed comes to mind. So hopefully you can use your previous experience as your armour and prepare in advance.  At least you know what to expect and, unfair as it is, a diagnosis of MS has to either deteriorate or at best stay as it was when your claim was granted.  

Good luck x

I have MS


PIP Tribunal

Is there anyone able to offer any advice to me as I am now at the tribunal stage of my PIP claim. I am still awaiting a date but am trying to complete my statement. Unfortunately, I have lost the enhanced rate of the Mobility and been downgraded to the standard rate of PIP. Luckily I was in a good position of buying my motability car but feel so upset, angry and helpless over the long and miserable, desperate fiasco of my PIP claim! 


Try       Use full info and checklists.


My son finally had his appeal hearing last week after waiting 7 months. He was diagnosed 9 years ago with RRMS. We appealed as only got standard rate, 2 points needed to get mobility. He was advised to get a letter from MS nurse, this detail letter was submitted within a month of appeal application, letter stated unable to walk more than 20m. We attended without any representation. We lost, judge said my son would not get mobility even if he used a wheelchair as he has enough upper body strength to push himself more than 20m. He said the distance from disabled parking at the court was more than 20m. We have requested the statement of reasons. And decided what to do next. Anyone been to upper tier tribunal?

the tories have lot to answer for, was turned down for pip, having to appeal, cant even get bus pass without letter from neuro, and ms getting worse

I'm seeking advice about claiming for PIP. My wife suffers from MS and whilst she is still mobile, she trips up all the time and now hates going out on her own for fear of falling. This has been ignored by the PIP assessment and I'm appealing. Does anyone have any experience of the appeal and does anyone have further information about mental incapacity associated with MS.


Chris, post this on the Everyday living forum, you have more chance of answers on there Tracey

Willdo - thanks

Can anyone advice me how long after an assesment when do you get your decision ? Its been seven weeks after assesment , also 6 months from start to finish how much longer do i have to wait. I get the care component after claiming dla-pip this is my review what the DWP are sorting out, this is my second one I have secondary progressive Multiple Scerolseis.

I have MS


I went through the PIP process 2 years ago, it took 12 weeks in total.  This  was without a F2F assessment,

done on my NHS papers alone ie Care Management Plan etc.,. 

I would phone the DWP and ask when you will have a result.  You will not be put through to the assessor, just

someone who will check at which stage your application is at by looking at the computer. 


I rang the DWP at five weeks of the process they told me there was no decision mind you it was the weekened before christmas it really depresses me because i have waited long enough i had a miserable christmas stressing out about they simply dont care how they ruin peoples life


I have MS

Useless system - not fit for purpose. 

I'd phone them every week until you hear.  Things seem chaotic at the DWP, my ESA review is two

months overdue, and it sounds like your assessment is months overdue, as the target is 12 weeks.  

I hope you have positive news soon. 


Sandy , I agree. SOS sorry you went through that... I have all my form filling, waiting and assessment around Christmas. That's year after year... Even told day before Christmas eve, that I had to attend a medical exam. How thoughtful. So Christmas was a mess like yours....only just been told they made an error and my interview was cancelled....... 

We need an assessment for all these people who work at the benefits office....see if they are fit for their job.... as they appear to make so many mistakes and lack empathy for us all. 

I agree with people above that we need to keep ringing the department to get answers, otherwise we are left wondering and worrying too much, for far too long. Bare in mind public holidays and slow post service this time of the year though. Hope you hear something soon Sally. I agree with Boblatina that it was the DWP ( 2016 ) stated people with degenative conditions would no longer be continually reassessed every 6 months. However they did say they MAY STILL be asessed after a good few years, just to check on us.. Which was disappointing....

Hi Folks , My e.s.a. was stopped last year after my assessment. The first I knew about this was when my P45 arrived in the post. After ringing them they told me that I had not scored enough points. Several weeks later the report finally arrived. With the deadline fast approaching and the humiliation one felt at the time I didn't go for the mandatory reconsideration. The awful lies in the report was like being kicked when down. I jump in the shower for 10 minutes every morning wash my hair and then put my make up on. I wish I had the energy . They also said they would lend me a wheel chair to go to work in. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to get it up a steep flight of stairs (I live in an upstairs flat). After months of no income and savings dwindling I have just found out that you can still go for the mandatory reconsideration up to 13 months as long as you have a good excuse. I was also waiting to see a neurologist at the time and told them so but they were not interested. So I have decided to go for it. So any advice would be helpful.They said silly things like they had tried to phone me several times. No they didn't I checked phone records. They rang me once at 9 am the same time I was at a Doctors appointment.I can prove that as well Sorry to go on a bit. There is lots of other stuff in the report that i can challenge as well. But any help would be most appreciated.

something similar happened to me, it's trick questions just looking at me you could tell I was ill. I would go to the citizens advice bureau. I did it didn't work but I was getting better. I found out I was coeliac eating bread was like giving me poison three times day.
I am fine now that I am on a gluten free diet.
Sometimes I don't think they understand what people go through I am lucky in that I can take medication for my thyroid and a diet for my coeliac. Now it is to find out what's going on at the moment. Kay

I work in the DWP, and this was one of the things that changed when DLA changed to PIP. I work with someone who was paralysed 30 years ago and he still has to go for regular assessments and still gets asked if he will get better.
I'm afraid this is how it is now.
My advice is to go into the assessment with a list of symptoms so you don't forget anything. You will lose the mobility component (including your car) if you can walk 20 metres plus, so think carefully about that answer. Answer the questions as if it's your worst day.

This is very good advice. These assessors only have a snapshot of you on what could be your good day. You have to enforce with them how bad you are on your worse day. By all means try to walk a few metres but then ask for a rest. As I have said before as no point in seeking a disability benefit if your not disabled.