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Moving from natalizumab to Gilenya (Fingolimod)

Good evening,

I have been taking natalizumab (tysabri) for the past 5 years, this has worked great causing no relapses in the 5 years.

However I have recently been told that because I am JVC positive and have been on the drug for so long I should come off it to stop the chance of getting something else called PML.

They have recommended moving on to Gilenya (fingolimod) which has a lesser chance of getting PML, has anyone had any experience with this drug? and if so did how have you found it?

 Also has anyone else taken this route moving from natalizumab to Gilenya?

Any information would be greatly appreciated, 



Hi Joe, 

I to followed the same route tysabri but jc+ so then took the decision to swap to Gilenya so far great only 1 tablet a day

the monthly trips to hospital no more.Regular bloods will be taken but these tie in with routine check ups. No relapses

which of course is the important bit and no side effects.

I would recommend Gilenya hope it works well for you

good luck Simon