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Lemtrada treatment how it’s going

Hi everyone I am currently on day 3 of my lemtrada treatment at the royal London hospital and thought I would share with you how it’s going so if anyone is due to start it they don’t have to worry too much. Day 1 was a very long day you have no choice but to have the steroid treatment followed by a flush then lemtrada for 4hrs then a flush. You are constantly monitored which is good. If you react well then for the rest of the week you can have the same as above but lemtrada over 2hrs so yesterday I was out by 1430 which was great. So far all I have side effect wise is the odd headache and not being able to sleep well at night due to the steroids and today I don’t feel like eating and I feel a bit weak.The staff at the royal London are fantastic they cannot do enough for you. So today is day 3 hopefully will go well again but I will update this tomorrow. If anyone has any questions please let me know 

Hello everyone,  this is  my first time on here.was  found  by accident.did the last  of round2  in  Feb. 2017  no leasions but  sill  progressing.  I have had my blood work done to start Ocrevus.

Hi I'm currently on day 2! Of my first year lemtrada treatment going good so far xxx