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How to learn to pace?

Hi all, this is my first post.
I was diagnosed with RRMS May last year. I finished my Cladribine meds in September this year. I was made redundant at the same time. So I'm wanting to look ahead to work again, but juggling with conflicting information about activity and pacing. I have a supportive husband and girls aged 8 and 9. I'm always active but have been told in order to control my pains in hands, arms, feet and knees, I need to learn to pace my activity. When you 'rest' what does that mean for you? I've been advised to limit sleep periods, I've been told I can watch tv and be on my iPad during rest, but also been told this isn't rest and classed as activity. My goal is to get to a place I can undertake a part time job again, with minimal pain and fatigue. Any suggestions how to achieve this? Thank you




Hi, by pacing your activities, we usually mean only plan 1 outing then rest for a day or two.

It would be ok to watch tv while you rest if it makes you feel rested.

I dont sleep in the day but usually manage around 7 - 9 hours at night.

You`ll find your best way chick.


It's a difficult one to master. Is different for everyone. My husband has spms and after being diagnosed 14 years ago now at the age of 51, now 64 soon to be 65, struggles to get it right and 'boom and bust' is the essence of what generally happens. I suffer from fibromyalgia and can empathize with the issues of fatigue and pain, managing work, caring for my husband etc.
I do now, after some years, find it easier to give myself permission to rest even if there are jobs to be done.
Accepting that we can't simply do everything we want, is a type of grieving process. It does get easier. Be kind to yourself, as you would be to others.