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European Journal of Neurology

To me, this is not light reading, so follow the path that most suits you.

ECTRIMS/EAN guideline on the pharmacological treatment of people with multiple sclerosis...

Taken from

Anne yes

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I have MS


Thanks, I did try but soon got out of my comfort zone. Great to share this type of info and to know that "stuff" is going on and people are striving to make things better.


I have MS


I've just whizzed through the abstract and some of the results. (It is quite hard going.) It’s actually shocking to me that so many people who are diagnosed with CIS aren’t being given the option of any DMDs and others with newly diagnosed MS but who aren’t seen as being ‘active’ aren’t getting DMDs either. 

I do hope that in particular those people with CIS will start to get the opportunity to get DMDs to delay conversion to MS, which was one of the ‘strong’ recommendations from this report. And that NICE backtrack on their proposal to withdraw beta interferon and Copaxone from the ‘cost effective’ available DMDs. 

That’s the biggest message I got from what I read. 

Thank you Anne for doing all the research. It is a bit difficult to carefully read all of the report  


Hello Sue,

That’s what I do... Abstract and then possibly Results, if it’s not too mathematical, and then Discussion / Conclusion...

With this article, it might be helpful for everyone to whiz through their own specific conditions.

There is a lot of research going on for MS and other autoimmune diseases... it is just so complicated, and perhaps overlapping...


Well I cheked but it out it was to much for me

to understand really wish i could of understood it.



sorry to show my ignorance what is CIS & DMD?