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Depression and MS

Recent article in the news: 
"Low moods affect more than just your mental health: feeling anxious, angry or depressed increases inflammation in the body"

It is known that people with MS can suffer with depression; but can depression exacerbate the symptoms of MS, or if a person is subjected to enough stress/anxiety, could it bring about the onset of MS?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I have MS


I very much doubt that depression could actually be a contributory factor to the onset of MS. But, I’m sure that depression can affect MS symptoms. As for MS symptoms causing depression, definitely. 

The reason I don’t think it could play a role in the onset is that through everything I’ve read, while there have been a whole range of factors involved (environment, genetics, vitamin D absorption, exposure to viruses, geography, food even), depression has never been mentioned. 

I reckon if you have ongoing symptoms, perhaps from prior relapses, nerve damage or progressive disease, a serious bout of depression could cause your symptoms to get worse. Not that I think being depressed can actually bring on a relapse, although if the research you’ve read seems to indicate depression sparking off inflammatory activity, then maybe!

And MS symptoms can obviously bring on depression. That’s pretty self evident. Just having a diagnosis of MS could easily cause depression. 

I hope you’re doing alright eastendgirl. 

All the best.