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I have always looked after my teeth but still seem to need fillings. I have just had another talking to by my dentist about not snacking etc but I honestly don't have much sugar in snacks or drinks. I don't take any medication and follow a strict healthy diet to combat fatigue. Does anyone know if MS can be a causing factor? Maybe lack of vitamins or poor immune system? Also is there any financial help for massive dentist bills? I am able bodied and work so don't qualify for free NHS but just wondered if I was missing anything and if anyone could advise.

I too have always looked after my teeth and only have 2 fillings that I got in my early teens.  My husband brushes daily but his teeth are terrible and he always has to get new fillings, the old ones fall out causing him endless grief. 

My family had flouride tablets from early childhood then it was added to the water in Victoria Australia and research shows that has saved many teeth. Other states where the population refused to floridate the water have much higher rated of decay especially in children's teeth.

So one suggestion is use a flouride tooth paste. Use sugar free chewing gem as this cleans your teeth through the chewing action so I use this after eating,angel

All up it is probably your genetics which you can't do anything about, but it's not related to M.S.smiley

Ask your dentise if they have any suggestions as well.