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Daily mail possible cause for MS

Hey guys

Just read the daily mail 23rd July with an article about me

It explains
A vaccine for avoiding multiple sclerosis has moved a step closer, as doctors believe they have discovered the cause of the disease. Scientists believe that exposure to common infections threadworms followed by the epstein-barr virus may be the trigger.

How very interesting as I definately had the threadworms when I was about the age of 12/13 which was about the age I also got granuloma annulare, and started getting difficulty in breathing when I ran. Did any body help have these? Very interesting topic. I'm sure it's avail able online to read to


I read that article too. I definitely have had EBV but not sure about the threadworm.
I keep seeing articles about EBV and it’s relation to ms so I’m interested in how I can either get rid of or ensure EBV is dormant in my body. I am newly diagnosed and reading everything possible. Initially I was reading that some folk have“cured” themselves of ms by diet changes, but it would make more sense to think the virus causes the inflammation and the virus feeds on foods such as gluten, lactose etc etc. . So when people cut out these foods they starve the EBV virus so EBV cannot thrive and therefore less inflammatory episodes? So perhaps it’s not the gluten or lactose intolerance (or whatever food) causing inflammation. Very interesting. Any other thoughts?