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Has anyone had the covid vaccination yet ? I've had it three days ago and apart from a sore arm and headache I've been fine , however four days post vaccination I've had the worst fatigue attack for years , I'm interested to know if other MS people on here have had any reactions? It may be nothing to do with the vaccination but it's strange it's happened now ???

Hi. Had astrazenica yesterday and I could barely walk last night. Headache from hell and ache all over

Morning I have just had my covid vaccine appt letter and wondering if anyone has had it yet and if so did you have side effects etc. I have rrms and been on rebif for 13 years any help etc would be great I am researching etc but would love to hear from people who actually have MS and have their input. Thanks in advance


I had Pfizer on the 14th. Had an achy arm for a day or two, nothing else. Just happy to have had it done! 

Hope it goes well and you can get a quick appointment,

Hi, I had astra zenica (Oxford) on 12th problems until the day after.....dizzy, light headed and very fatigued. Slept it off in 2 hours and the following 4 days felt like I'd had a miracle elixir...felt so good....but still cant walk!


I have MS

Hi, hope your vaccine side effects have settled down. Do you know where we come on the vaccination list? My wife and daughter are both frontline workers and have been vaccinated, I have spms and I am a full time wheelchair user, I don’t take any dmds or steroids. Thanks for any advice 

Hi Robert, I had my vaccine on Thursday 18th. I am same as you , no Dmds or steroids. I am 62 and my husband is extremely clinically vulnerable, he had his vaccine last week and same age as me. 

I think it's down to the are you live in, as someone else said on here, postcode lottery!!

we are in Essex. I would check with your GP surgery as mine txt me to book.

I think they're rolling them out quite quickly now though! But get nagging, you never know 

All the best Kimx