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Back to Work issues

Hi im new to the forum I got diagnosed with ppms nearly two years ago after 20 + yrs of symptoms. Lots of other medical problems too, mobility getting worse now using two crutches constant pain but don't like to moan ! Ha ha ! The dilemma is I still work 16hrs a week after dropping a few I work on a checkout in one of the large supermarkets went back for a few days last week after shielding for months was awful no social distancing whatsoever ! Spoke to manager yesterday said I don't feel safe!! Her reply was  up to us to tell the customers to back off ! There is a screen up but not big enough my deilema is should no go back or what ?? Said I could take a lifestyle break bit won't get paid ! I'm also a carer for 84yr old dad who's extremely vulnerable?? .

I have MS

Hello Dollybird, welcome to the forum.

I think you'd do better to put your post on either the 'Everyday Living' or 'Primary Progressive' board rather than the  'MS News and Announcements'  board.  (It's not easy bing the new girl, is it!)

Regarding your dillema, I'd play safe and take no chances, especially in view of your father.

I'm not sure about the rights and wrongs of your supermarket manager, but I certainly don't like the sound of her.

Keep safe.


Thank you Ben! I'm not very savvy about computers as you can tell lol ! Will put it on the other side.

Hi Doll, yeh your situation is a tricky one.

With this new lot of covid cases, you may be better to stay off work. Your dad needs to be carefully looked gloves, masks, aprons and hand sanitiser all at the ready. I`m sure you already do use these things.


Thank you ! Decided to take few months off unpaid ! Not worth the risk X.

I have MS

A wise decision.

All the best.