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Worry & panic

Hello all

i have rrms and have done for 10 years now, 33 years old now, the past 12 months i have started to worry and panic more about stuff does anyone else have this problem?

i have had no relapses or problems for about 7 years now and feel fine in myself, just this worry and anxiousness that keeps coming.

i have tried the batch rescue soothers which dont seem to help at all, this was recommended by my consultant.



Chris - its very common with MS and the way it affects our brains - I take buspirone and Prozac - it gets me through as anxiety, worry and depression was a big factor with me on this MS journey - always talk and ask for help..

hi chris

try mindfulness meditation.

it's the concentration on nothing that works.

prozac would be good too.

I would go and see the doc if I were you. I have an anxiety disorder and don’t know where I’d be without my medication.

good luck x

Hi to help with my anxiety i try to do a daily yoga nidra meditation - yogic sleep. It's simply a case of lying down resting and following the practice of the meditation. It helps to get your head back into your compartments. Just search internet and find a mediation where you feel comfortable and at ease with the narrator. Hope suggestion helps you in some small way.


I have the exact same issue. 

Constantly stressing and worrying all the time. 

I thought it was just me! 

Laura x

Hi Chris

A couple years ago I started getting panic attacks. It started as a result of my body getting weaker, so I started to feel more vulnerable. I saw the mental health worker at my GP who explained what's happening in the body when I have a panic attack, and gave me a technique to use. This helped, but I knew it wasn't getting to the root of the problem. Then I got a referral to a neuropsychologist, and that really helped. I saw that root of the problem went way back to childhood stuff. This has allowed me to start dealing with the issue. I've been processing it with my God (I'm a christian) and have started to find inner healing. I'm a lot better than I was, though there's still a long way to go. It's been an up & down process, but I know it's good to start dealing with the root issue.