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Is this Progressive? Leg Issues?

Hi all,

Been a while since I have last posted and hope everyone is fine.


When i was first diagnosed in 2015 I was getting a numbness in my hands sometimes when i slept.  It would quickly disappear once i noticed and moved in bed.

I definitely feel it is due to my neck/body position and that my damaged nerves are more "sensitive" to body positioning

Over the years this feeling is getting more and more intense and now is quite unpleasant with more intense buzzing.

I was wondering because of this is my MS Progressive as this has got worse over the years? 

Also I was thinking.....

Over the years I will sometimes get a pain in my leg when walking (usually feels like its top leg near groin area). 

I used to think it was a bit strange as I hadn't done anything to strain it.   I would be walking normally, then suddenly limping as it was painful to put pressure on leg.   I never thought it could be MS, as i thought leg problems were "stiffness" and you couldn't move legs. 

Does this sound like it could be MS?




Hi, well as we always could be...or not! That`s the chuffin nature of this beast..owt can `appen!

Have you got an MS nurse ou can ring to discuss it with her? Or have you got a neuro appointment in the offing?

Sorry I cant offer any better advice chuck.


Hi i had pain in the right side of my groin when i was walking and i had to give up thinking i had pulled a muscle or something - but then i discovered my right foot was dragging and i have now got a FES (functional electrical stimulation ) device which is like a tens machine but helps put the foot in the correct position and i no longer have pain in my groin. Hope this helps