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In pain

I am having a relapse where I have been numb from the waist down on both sides with left sided weakness. I am on steroids and the numbness has improved a bit but now the pain is unbearable at times. Are there any painkillers that work? Paracetamol and ibuprofen have done nothing! Pain is mainly in my back but also my calf. 

I have MS

Oh love I'm really sorry to hear this, pain is not nice to deal with, I myself and a lot on here suffer with it, for years I was taking Gabepentin, at first for me it worked, but sadly I stopped it last October as it wasn't having the desired effect, maybe it could be 1 for you to consider, speak to either your nurse, if you have 1, or neuro/GP, take care and chin up, x x 

Thank you will speak to ms nurse next week! 

How are you feeling now hun, hope its calmed down, i always feel awful and pain bad when it gets warm. xxx

Hi the ms nurse has started me on gabapentin but hasn't made much difference as yet. It's the tiredness I can't cope with much longer I haven't slept for about 6 days and I can't handle much more! Xxx

Hi there, I'm a re visitor here! I've had ms for 14 yrs now, and started off with similar relapse like you are describing, I had a lot of pain in the beginning from the residual nerve damage left over from what was described as TM by gp, the weird feelings I had were difficult to describe even! At one point it felt like a huge log inbetween my legs? And I felt like a had a gnarly twig for a spine!? I currently take pregabalin max dose duoloxetine max dose and baclofen. I now get the hug and a lot of neck issues numbness in left arm and weakness now 14 yrs later!

I have MS

I had sleep issues and was prescribed Gabapenten which works every night.