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Morning everyone, so I put a post on here maybe a week ago," title pain in hands" now I'm not saying anyone  didn't read it, but I didn't get 1 reply, I was basically asking if anyone gets pain and spasms in their hands and struggle to do things, I didn't know whether this could be down to MS or something else, I have SPMS, I know it's not carpal tunnel as I had an op about 5yrs ago to check that out and it was fine.  So seen as though no one replied, should I believe it isn't MS, or can't people be bothered to reply ? x x 

I would say its your MS as lets face it,it does what it wants.I have very painful spasms in my feet at night that wake me.So its very possible its the MS causing them in your hands seen as you are SPMS.

I get really painful spasms in my feet which do wake me at night. I think the m.s is the culprit as I am very tight if that makes sense. rigid when walking. Hope it settles a wee bit soon. Take care. Maryx

I have MS

Thanks for your reply, yes I did think this myself, I too get them in my feet, but thankfully only occassionally, MS throws everything at us, but once again, thank you, x x

I'm not surprised you didn't get a reply, I've noticed a lack of interest in the 'boards'!  With my hands it's weird sensation that also makes me drop things.

You did the right thing posting again sorry you didn't get a quicker reply.  Take care, be safe.  I have PPMS you should check that board, not a lot happening.  I blamed Covid19.  heartM

I have MS

Thanks hellMS for your reply, mine are like spasms and painful too, I have adapted cutlery now, + a light drinking cup, can't do cross stitch anymore :(  Yes I think you're right about it being quite on here, you also take good care and I will have a look on the PPMS site, x x

Hi Greenhouse

Have you had a blood test recently?

There are quite a few other things that might cause 'spasms and pain' in your hands, I'm not saying it's not MS related. Starting point might be a 'blood test', then go from there. Deficiency in B12 etc can cause a lot of symptoms.

I hope that helps. 



I get days when my fingers lock at 90 degrees when trying to use my hands say with a screwdriver or to untie a knot and I have to push them open, often repeatedly which can make it very difficult to achieve what I am trying to do.  I am not diagnosed but I do have diabetes 2 and I think that it can also cause this, I think by causing tendons to swell and jam .

I have MS

Hi, thank you for your replies, I haven't had a blood test in about a year, but I'm already taking, vitamin B compound, a high dose, my GP suggested it to me, also I'm not diabetic, so I know it's not that, like I say, on the 28th of this month I've a telephone appt with my MS nurse, so I'll see what she says, thanks again guys, enjoy your day, x x

I have so many things that go on, i tend to not ask as everyone is different, and well we are all suffering a huge viral pandemic and for me this is the first time in days i have come on as i needed a break from everything Covid and sadly computers tend to throw news at you which you dont want to see lol.  

You can use the search facility, if your desperate for a reply as someone is bound to have asked the question before. 

or you can use google and type in Hand spasms and MS, and i came up with a lot of links, this one was quite useful.

MS is a variable disease it doesn't fit everyone, i call it snowflake, what one person gets tons of others wont. BUT you can guarantee if you google it you will see its part of what others have suffered. 

sorry you did not get replies but life is hard at the moment for a lot of us.  I hope you feel less stressed over it now. but anything beginning with SPASMS in MS is usually normal. 

used search and quite a lot came up about hand spasms. this one on list.

I have MS

thanks for the links crazy chick, I wasn't so much stressed out about it, just wanted other people's take on it, over the years I've put other posts on here and never got a reply, so I came off the site as I felt at that time it was a bit clicky, if a certain persons name came up everyone replied, if another 1 came up, no one replied, I guess I was hoping it would be different this time and thankfully on my 2nd try it is. I know this is a bad and stressful time for everyone and I absolutely know everyone's MS is different, I've had it long enough, but I just think we are on here to support each other.  Have a good day, x x

Hi Greenhouse,

I get spasms, like cramp,  in my feet. Only about once a month and only at night though and my feet are very cold so I wear socks.

I read somewhere that Magnesium may help so I take some the next day. No spams that night but not sure whether it's the magnesium or not.

Jen x

Put 'Magnesium'  into the search box. (top right, to the right of the red DONATE box). 

I've just searched and quite a few posts are about muscle spasm. 

Type in muscle spasm too.

Hope you get some relief soon.


I have MS

Thank you goldrat I'll do that, just good to know what others are doing, take cre and stay safe, x

Glad to see you got more replies, take care heart M x

I'm lucky in that I only have the hand issues when I'm particularly tired or have been using them a lot.  I no longer have to work, so it's easier for me to take the rests that I need, regardless of which body part is involved.  I can't offer any advice except to follow what your body is telling you (whenever humanly possible) and make a point to rest at least that part of the body.  For me, it usually means getting off the computer and not trying to use the mouse!

I have MS

Yes Norasmum I do have to stop doing things, I'm going to try and find voice activate on my chrome book so I can do voice commands for messages on here + emails, x x