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NICE and SPMS treatment...finally?

Hiya all

Found this today on the NICE website:

NICE has today (15 October 2020) issued draft guidance which now recommends siponimod (also called Mayzent and made by Novartis) for treating secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (MS).


If we can get it and if it works for you personally, who knows?

Take care,



I have MS

Oh wow, thanks for it's just a case of who can get it.

Jean x

My MS nurse referred me back to a consultant because Siponimod was being considered for SP. I had a consultation just before lockdown and was told Nice had rejected it so I'm very pleased they have now recommended it.

I have just had an MRI my second since diagnosis so I wait with bated breath the outcome and a further consultation. Watch this space smiley

Jan x

Fingers crossed for you all who will benefit from the new drug.


It will depend on criteria, maybe even area. I'll get excited when I'm prescribed and a little worried, I've managed almost 30 years without DMT's and I would worry about side effects.

Your happy outlook inspires me Poll, keep smiling.

Jan x

I have MS

I've just read an email from the MS trust regarding this and it say's ......if you still have relapses, or show activity on a MRI scan, so don't think I'll be offered it, although I will ask.