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Neuropathy in foot

Hi everyone

Ms'er for 10 years.
Mid July I started getting sharp stabbing pains in my ankle andand toes, also like a warm water sensation in my foot. Now I have "anesthetic" numbness on my ankle and the top of my foot and in my toes. I'm not diabetic but I've read that you only get neuropathy with ms if it's progressing. Things have been getting steadily worse lately but I put it down to needing my Ocrelizumab infusion which is 3 months late.

Be grateful for people's thoughts.


I have MS

Hello JigglePiggle,

I've had similar problems with my feet for many years. After nerve conduction tests at neurophysiology I was told I had Peripheral Neuropathy (PN)  as well as MS. I was told they are not connected as MS is in the central nervous system and PN in the peripheral. 

I was tested for diabetes as that is a big cause of PN - happily it came back negative.

For many years I have been taking Gabapentin for sharp stabbing pains that can be anywhere, and are certainly more frequent in my feet. The drug works well and the pains, be they MS or PN, are less frequent.  Of course, I don't know how they'd be if I wasn't on Gabapentin.

Happily neither my MS or PN seems to have progressed much.

It doesn't sound like you've seen a medic, so why not call your MS nurse and get a professional opinion?

Hope things improve a bit soon.