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MS Matters - your feedback

Our editorial team our currently planning our MS Matters magazine editions for 2019, and this thread provided some very insightful and honest feedback on the previous edition >

We want to make the magazine as representative of the diverse experiences of people living with MS as possible, and as such, our editor Hannah would love to hear your thoughts about getting future content right. If you’re happy to share your thoughts and help us explore this issue further, please comment below with feedback or contact Hannah directly via


Oliver - admin

hi there, this sounds like a great idea!

id love to hear of peoples experiences with family members ie; trying to get people to understand the cognotive side of ms. 

this is currently a problem for me right now, so much so that i just say "im fine" even when im definitlty not!

Hi Deborah I'm new on here yes I think the post above is a good idea to as I was diagnosed July.

Hi I am new to all this - last year for horrific for me I had a mild heart attack and had stent put in then felt fine and then bosh a massive relapse on right side and diagnosed with MS. Ive had either very little or no support from anyone so still dont know what to expect. In eight months I have gone from a bubbly happy 54 year old to a sad boring old lady and I dont know how to cope with it (oh and im diabetic) yeah just call me lucky

Aw Dawney I know exactly how you feel and we are the same age. The support is out there somewhere But im buggered if I can find any round here either. Its really hard to go through this alone sadly a lot of us do. I only hope your doing well and getting on with things and your not alone.