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Missing anything yet?

Just over a week since I last went out and did any shopping and I have enough supplies for 5 more days.  I am missing milk having run out a day or two ago and the butter and bread situation is getting serious.

For reasons we won't discuss I don't use a lot of toilet paper so good for that for a few weeks yet and I have enough red wine for a couple of weeks.

I think the thing I am missing the most at the moment is some face to face contact with another human being. I have daily calls with friends and family and I am working from home no problem but I am missing seeing another person in the flesh.

I suspect I am going to have to venture out late this coming week because I will need some provisions but it's going to be a very quick visit to the supermarket with the maximum social distancing possible. Hopefully there will be enough in the shop for me to buy.

So what are you missing the most so far and how far do you think you can go?

I had to go to a podiatry appointment today....I had to go as they wouldnt send anyone to me at home.....but I`ve been told they will come out in future.

I have recurring ingrowing toenails. Sounds a a bit low on the urgent scale, but thing is I needed surgery before so we need to stop it happening again.

No more outside appointments anywhere.

I miss my clubs but do see carers everyday. I have my hubby and doggy , so far from alone.

Keep your chin up chuck


I'm missing my physio, sax lessons and Pilates.  However, I've just had a Skype sax lesson and our Pilates teacher is doing sessions on Zoom so that's better than nothing.

I miss going out to a nice random location with the bubba and wife and having a nice pub meal. It's only been a week!

I miss riding the horse.

I have MS

I need a haircut.
Too old to be a rockstar.

I was just ranting to my son over Skype.  I'm missing food!  I do have enough in the house to last a couple weeks, so I'm not starving, but we can't get butter (or margarine), potatoes, bread, eggs, or milk here, let alone most meats, and I just want to be able to buy a handful of fresh groceries instead of eating pasta and canned goods! 

missing out on picking up a puppy, he is too far away, shall keep an eye on him looks a real character! Looks like he will suit his name...alright, what I call him! Havoc sounds good to me!

I have MS

I'm missing have nail surgery, like boudica I have bad ingrowing toenails, 2 big toes + little 1 next to big 1, I had nail surgery in February 2019 and it didn't work, so was booked in for it today, they called me a couple of weeks back to say cancelled.  I didn't realise, because they didn't say that they were still doing appointments, that was until I read boudacia's reply, might need to give them a ring.  Other than that I not missing anything really, as I don't go out much anyway, my husband misses fly fishing :( x x