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I`m back!

Hello guys and dolls!

I came home today from my week`s respite stay at the local hospice. I`ve re-named it Overgate Palace Hotel.

Oh it is such a wonderful place...the staff......from the the the HCAs, Nurses and Doctors...all are true angels.

The care they took of me is incredible.

I was taken out on Monday by my beautiful carer Bev. We went to a garden centre..Gordon Riggs at Walsden, if anyone knows it. They have a gorgeous new conservatory restaurant. You can dine inside or out. As it was so hot, we sat near the open doors and welcomed the breeze.

I bought some cyclamen plants...hardy little fellas for winter flowering. And some Bev took them to my hubby for putting into large pots for me. Had to give him a job even though I wasnt home, didnt I? LOL!

The day proved too much for me and I withered like a floppy lettuce and had an earlier night than usual.

I had my photo taken and a little interview for the Hospice Newsletter, which will be out in October.

Yeh, it was a good week.

Good to be back here.

Much love Boudsxxx



welcome home Poll

you've had a good time - excellent!

Welcome back. For a second I thought you'd written Overlook Hotel...I'm in The Shining.. ;-)


Glad it went well

Oh Bouds,

So glad you enjoyed yourself. It must have done both you and your hubby the world of good. Glad you are back here. Take good care Anne. Xx

Good your back Poll glad you enjoyed your rest.xx

Welcome back. Glad you had a good time, hope your husband did too.

Boards very quiet at the moment so you didn't miss much. 

Jen x