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Help Please

I've been plagued!× not only M.S, I v steroids caused my heart to fail and ended up with heart surgery for pacemaker.

Last 6 weeks, have been a joke, never had so many hospital admissions, not able to pass urine for 2 days, sizeable pulmonary embolisms both lungs, dvt and then another stay, partially collapsed lung, shadow and fluid, huge problems with LFT,s anemia, blood levels etc.

I've done nothing but struggle with the equipment that has been supplied by OT,s - for example the sling for hoist didnt fit me because I am tall and have bi-laterall lymphodema- it was so bad I was bed bound for 5 days due to the majority of my leg having a haematoma, which I have photos of, despite weeks of the haematoma it is still showing on ultra sound, very deep.

In addition they have supplied 3 chairs (rise/recline)each stating it was an interim, one of which I had for weeks and was jammed into!

I of course have made a complaint, there has been no safeguarding or care, due attention- so as I'm getting no support and want to live!! Need to look at chairs.

This chair needs to be rise/recline preferably with electric motion to gently move the seat to aid prevention of further clots, wider and longer than the average chair!!

I've been off legs for 8 weeks and despite just getting out of hospital am doing everything I can to get back on my legs - I would be grateful for a shuffle as long as I can get around for a few steps on sticks and stand.

Anyone have experience in this field? TIA

Hi Charlotte, 

It sounds as though you're having a difficult time at the moment not only with your health but the equipment that's been given to try and help you. 

Hopefully the equiment can be changed so it helps then your health may improve too if you can potter around.

Take care


Thanks Jen 'Stores' have delivered many inappropriate items of equipment- one of which I call a dead man's chair!! Stores themselves, knocked on the front door for one piece of equipment and was asked to wait- at this point being hoisted undressed- we hear my front door open!! At no point did I give authorisation at that point, to enter my property. No respect, no dignity!! Thankfully all on surveillance and this is without the lack of safeguarding and my injurys occured due to the incorrect equipment by the OT's.

Oh Charlotte! What a lot of problems...for 1 person...just horrendous chick. I do identify in some areas, with you, as I am hoisted, have no mobility at all and use a riser/recliner chair.

My OT had the chair bespoke made for me, but said as I had tried store ones which didnt suit, I needed a bespoke one.

I hope you improve and get the proper equipment.


Thanks Bouds, I've definitely had more than my fair share that's for sure. Ahh yes like my OT advised I would be getting a bespoke commode- no such thing!! Sadly I can see that my kind and friendly attitude has paved way to be royally taken the %%%% out of!! Looks like I'm going to have to look into suimg someone for my physical damages.
How do you exercise (physio) in rise/recline bouds and are you happy with your chair now?


My chair is lovely and comfy...more so than my wheelchair or bed.

I dont exercise much. Legs are lifted and moved about by carers.....I do arm movements when in bed.


Bouds that sounds wonderful for youX