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Forum FAQs

Important – I'm a new user, why are my posts are not published instantly?

Our staff moderators need to approve your first three posts before they appear on the forum. Moderators work 9.30am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you post during an evening or weekend, we’ll moderate your post first thing on the next working day.

Our sincere apologies that we can’t instantly publish new users’ posts. We’ve agonised long and hard about this. Without these checks, the amount of spam posted on the forums makes them practically unusable.


How do I create a new post?

To create a new post, simply click on the category board which is relevant to your post. At the top of that page, you will see the New Thread button. Click this button, add your title and post. Please note, if you're a new user - your first three posts will need approval before they are published (see; I'm a new user, why are my posts are not published instantly?) 


How do I get in touch with a moderator?

The forum is monitored by a number of moderators, this is to help ensure that the forum remains a friendly, secure and valuable space for all members. If you have a query, suggestion or need help using the forum, you can reach the team via: [email protected], alternatively you can also private message Oliver - Admin should you need help.


How do I edit my profile settings?

From 'My Homepage' you can edit your profile settings; change avatar, location details, what you're interested in etc by clicking 'My Profile'. Please ensure you save the changes for these to update.


What does this abbreviation mean?

For a list of abbreviations used on the forum, please use this link >


Can I change the display settings?

Yes, If you click the "accessibility" link at the bottom of the page or go to you can change the background colour to a high or low contrast option or a low graphics version of the site.


How do I receive email alerts for threads?

Get email alerts for individual posts by clicking "subscribe" at the bottom of the original post on each thread.


What is 'my favourites'? 

It’s a feature that allows you to save posts from the forum to your ‘favourites’ list. Under the original post at the top of each thread there’s an “add to favourites” link. Click this and the post will appear in the “my favourites” list on the right hand side of the page when you’re in the forum (remember this block doesn’t appear on individual posts – see above). 

To delete a post from your favourites, click the X next to the title in the “my favourites” list.  


Mobile Devices

The forum itself, although accessible on mobile devices (smart phones, iPads and Android tablets) is a desktop site, meaning it has been built for use on a computer or laptop. It’s not an app and unfortunately, it’s not entirely mobile compatible. We’re aware that tablets and mobiles are increasingly people’s web browsing tool of choice and we’re working towards accommodating that.


Private messages and buddies

There are blocks on the right hand side of the page when you’re logged in that link directly to your private messages and buddy lists. You can also access your private messages via ‘my homepage’. Please note if you haven’t yet added any buddies the ‘my buddies’ block will not appear on the page. 

These only show when you’re on the forum homepage or the listing page for an individual board but not when you’re looking at a forum post. This is because a lot of people asked for posts to cover the whole width of the screen so they didn’t have to scroll so much when looking through them.


How do I protect my identity from the real world and my online identity from other forum users

To hide your identity please choose a login id that is suitably anonymous (i.e. Not your real name, or email address) and be selective about the personal details you post to the system (see also: user control panel)

To hide your on-line name from other forum users when posting, check the box labelled “Post anon (Hide my username from other posters)”. This way you can post about something extra sensitive or personal without revealing anything else about yourself, even your username.

Please use the ‘Post anon’ facility responsibly.



We have a system for tagging posts to allow you to categorise them by topic and also to filter the forum to see only posts on a particular topic or topics. 

When you’re writing a new post, remember to tick the most relevant box or boxes to what you’re posting about. This will mean others will see your post when they filter the forum to show posts about that topic. 

Tagging your posts also means we can signpost people to the forum from the rest of the website. We can pull titles of forum posts into “related forum posts” lists on relevant pages. 

For example, we might set it up so the titles of posts tagged with “emotional support” appear a page about coping with diagnosis. Someone looking at that page would then immediately know that there’s a community here that knows what they’re going through and can give them the help and support they need. 


User control panel

Access everything to do with your account and your profile via ‘my homepage’ (link in the top right corner of the page). ‘My homepage’ has a link to ‘my account’ where you can manage your username, password, email address and personal details and ‘my profile’ where you can upload an avatar and also fill in and edit your profile. 

Remember, the information you enter in ‘my profile’ will be visible to other users as when they’re logged in whilst the information in ‘my account’ is private. 


How do I cancel my account?

Please note once you have closed your account, you cannot re-register using that same email address. Should you choose to close your account for any reason (we will miss you), navigate to 'Your Homepage' > 'My forum notifications' button >  'Edit' (top tool bar) > Scroll to the bottom of the page and you can select 'cancel your account'. You can also contact a moderator via [email protected] should you need assistance.