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CRAZY DELIVERY changes and rules shopping

so i have been shopping with sainsburys on line for months over covid. its been such a relief as i cant do my own.  

Now suddenly the shopping has to come in baskets and i have to empty my shopping into my own bags whilst the driver leans against a wall watching me. 

What the hell.  I nearly died yesterday 3 baskets of shopping to dealing with was almost in tears. the pain in my back excruciating, whilst the driver lent against the wall. 

Now he must have been a typical jobs worth as the other two previously just told me to give them my bags and they did it for me. 

It would appear the drivers have been told they must not help. 

I cant believe this whats the point of having it delivered.  

Iceland still pack in bags.  trouble is their range is not the same. 

Just dont know what to do now. 

my daughters work so they cant do it.  

My cleaner will buy me a few things, but does 3 hours washing and cleaning. 

The CEO does not get the concept of vulnerable spaces obviously. 

Not sure what to do about this now. even tesco are the same rules. 

So much for helping the DISABLED  ................ NOT.  


I have MS

Honestly, you'd thinkthey'd let them help the pnes who need it......I've given up on Sainsbury's, used to shop with them all the time, now my hubby goes very little.

Jean x

Its disgusting there is no help for the vulnerable at all.Just an idea could you plan a delivery when your cleaners there so she can lift the shopping in for you? If she would i Hope so its awful when it makes you feel so ill.I have had it happen to me a few times having to lift the shopping in when no one else was here to help.

trouble is the slot when she is in costs me 4.50. AND she is already working full pelt has to get the washing in as I am in sheltered so its all scheduled. then do cleaning and sorting out rubbish it just doesnt seem fair to load her with more. I have written to the CEO this morning and copied my MP. see what they say. 

i am going to see if i can buy the things i like routinely and let sainsburys go stuff. 

The delivery from Tesco are the same, come in trays or with tray liners, then pack into your own bags at the door while driver keeps 2m distance. While they delivered in carrier bags, the driver left them in the porch and I dragged them in, now they switched to tray liners that you pay 40p for, but you cant pick them up nor drag them without your shopping going all over the place so got no choice but to pack into bags. I was so exhausted and in so much pain, despite sitting on my rollator to pack the bags, that I left the bags all over the hall for the carer to sort out when she came and just stuffed the frozen stuff in the freezer.
What happened to "we're all in this together"? And did human kindness go out the window too?
Sending big hugs Crazy Chick?
Abs x

wow Abs yes its riciculous only iceland do it bags.  I must admit a few weeks different drivers helped but this one was same one who helped and he has been told he isnt allowed.  You could see he was stressed watching me. 

I feel so deflated over this.  Like you say what happened to WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.  no they are happy to take our money.  but thats it folks. x 


Someone else in the house generally does the online shop but I believe Tesco's gives the option of either the tray liners or bags for the delivery.


These huge supermarkets NEED to be told by someone as big as MS Society that their methods are not just unhelpful, but HARMFUL to disabled people, as it is causing them pain to retrieve their shopping from however it is dumped on them.

Crazy Chick...let us know what respones you get.


I have MS

MS2017 posted: ".....but I believe Tesco's gives the option of either the tray liners or bags for the delivery."

Yes they do, either option costs 40p. (the lot, not per tray liner or bag)



I stopped tesco because their slots are so expensive.  I dont have a lot of money to pay for delivery.  

actually done quite well today i have sourced most of my stuff in different places with free delivery coming through post or hermes.  

My fresh food my sister said she would do it for me just have to have it once a week. x

I have MS

Well done Crazy Chic, I guess a bit of patience and a good Internet connection is what's needed.

I think all the delivery slots are the same price now.. I don't know where the cheaper ones went.

I was originally with Tesco, then Sainsbury who let me down when we went into lockdown, so back to Tesco in about April or May. Have also tried Asda a couple of times.

Fortunately, we've a local shop around the corner for the fresh stuff - at a price.




I just do click and collect as I don't spend the £40 minimum for delivery, under that amount you pay extra on top of delivery charge.

At Tesco cost is £1.50 the option is 40p for bags or tray liners but you don't get a choice, think they're all tray liners now - haven't thought of a way to reuse them yet.... 

Click and collect free from ASDA they sometimes come in bags. If not I have to sit on the back seat and pack my bags. 

Once I get home I transfer everything into  a shopping trolley, easy if they're in bags then pull into the house.

Take care everyone. 



Hi jen if i could go out i would do click and collect its simply not an option for me.  actually having fun at the moment as sourced a lot of what i buy regularly in amazon and ebay and saving money lol. all delivered free. 

I have MS

Good for you Crazy Chick and if these supermarkets aren't careful more folk will be what you are.

Jean x

Hi all I'm expecting a Sainsbury delivery on Thursday,and as some of you might know I've been shopping online with them for a few years.

sainsbury delivery is free for delivery Monday-Thursday after 2pm if you've spent over £100 which include alcohol and household if you know someone who wants booze maybe they can help you get free delivery.

I was under the impression that because of COVID they'd reintroduced the single use carrier bags for home delivery? I'll let you know later this week.

im also wondering whether the post code lottery is back or if individual branch managers may have input into the behaviour of their delivery drivers?


Hi yes free delivery Monday - Thursday after 2 pm is back!  They have also lowered delivery charges and I am only paying 50p for a slot tomorrow evening. So all they need to do is reintroduce bags perhaps they will as Covid levels are higher!


I have found that Sainsbury no longer deliver free from Monday to Thursday. They no longer supply bags so have your own ready to transfer goods from plastic crates when shopping arrives.

This is particularly difficult as I cannot manage to do this and although my husband can it is not easy for him as he has respiratory problems. Hoping they will change their mind and give customers the option to choose whether shopping is bag less. Some drivers are more helpful than others and assist with transferring shopping.


Hi sue i havent even had an acknowledgement from this guy or his staff. I know the email went as i got an acknowledgement of f my MPs secretary. xxx

i am outraged at what the supermarkets are doing.

thankfully i have 3 wonderful shops within my hobbling distance.

a wonderful greengrocer whose produce is way fresher than tesco and the like,

we have a butcher whose meat is excellent and reasonably priced,

then the Polish Shop who sell everything - tins/jars/toiletries/toilet toll and most other things.

so i consider myself very lucky.

what is more shopping local is environmentally friendly, supporting small businesses and a lot less hassle.

I have MS

Give the driver bags and insist you can`t do it. If he won`t then refuse the shopping. He would rather put the shopping in bags rather than taking the shopping back to the van and reloading and having to keep moving it out of the way for other deliveries.Ring Sainsbury and really complain. Shop[ elsewhere for deliveries like Ocado, Asda, Morrisons, Waitrose, Tesco, Iceland. That`s what I do and I live in a flat. The driver brings it up. Puts it in the kitchen and unloads it. If you don`t ask you don`t get. yes

hi i had acknowledgement about my email week ago still no answer. 

so i contacted Ocado i have an account with them from when i lived in my big house with hubby. 

I explained exactly my issue with disability. they sent me an email back within 24 hours and said they have amended my details as vulnerable. they will ensure my shopping is brought to the door in bags, and the driver will leave for me in manageable bags. 

I am happy with that. got a deliver coming to day as a trail.  will see how it goes. 

I’ve recently been diagnosed with MS

I often order online from two well-known organic fruit-vegi box deliveries, plus other individually ordered items that one can add to them...these items are delivered on the same day once a week straight to the door in boxes with freezer insulations and icepack, then following week just leave the boxes outside your front door for their collection..

I do of course place the odd order from a well-known supermarket for items they ( organic deliveries ) don't sell, as and when needed...the delivery drivers do offer to bring the bags inside my front door when i tell him i have MS...

I too place my orders online...cant remember the last time i stepped inside a large supermarket, nor went around it with a trolley..up and down the isles, backwards and forwards, and with speed...As Mary Hopkin once sang..." Those Were the Days My Friend.."

Edited to add: I also now use Ocado home deliveries, they now do Marks and Spencer foods, i am more than happy with that...



Hi Jackie

I have also started to use Ocado for Marks and Spencer foods plus other items although It is quite difficult to get a delivery slot at the moment. I have found my shopping is nicely packed in carrier bags and I get my favourite food!

Over the last few months I have tried several different supermarkets, used local companies and a large online company for cleaning products I couldn't get anywhere else.