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Can't find a logical explanation...anyone help?

Ok this is really weird - not sure if it's a symptom of MS or it's just one of those weird things you never find a reason for...hopefully others will chip in and I might start to figure it out.  It's also not a big deal really - just annoying.

I always use lip salve type stuff.  Have done for many many years.  Hence I don't usually have any problem with dryness of my lips.  However - for the last few months and every 2-3 weeks there will be a day where my lips just feel intensely sore for no reason...the skin on my  lips feels weird.  A day later - and it doesn't matter whether i've slept with my lips in a jar of vaseline - the skin goes hard and starts to peel off.  Once it's all peeled off it's ok for another few weeks again.

It's also not the whole of the lips...there's quite a large area of the lower lip (about half) and a smaller portion of the upper lip (about a quarter)...always in the same place.

I cannot logically think it's something to do with MS (although i've never heard anyone say that MS is logical anyway) but I cannot for the life of me think what it could be.

Can anyone help me to shed some light on this?  I do know it's a minor piddly little annoyance - but it's MY minor piddly annoyance and I'd like to try and figure it out.



Hi Jules, can't say if it's ms related or not but a few weeks after I was dx I got excema in my ears and it has plagued me ever since. That was 8 years ago and I keep on top of it with e45 cream but it is a right pain. I also have blepheritis on my eyelids and I bathe my eyes in a solution of baby shampoo which keeps it under control.

Why this happened I don't know as I went 50 years with no skin complaints at all. 

Personally I think it started because of stress after my dx.  Just keep on with the lip balm can't say if it will disappear or not.

Mags xx

I have MS

I've started with an itchy right eyelid...and the front of my neck.  Weird stuff! lol

I do not know your other symptoms but it could be you have not MS.


It is only a possibility but I would ask your GP if you have been if not could you be tested for Sjogrens.


Good luck.



I have MS

Thanks for that George...forgot to mention that I have RRMS so I doubt it's Sjogrens.  Just cannot figure out any reason for it but it wouldn't surprise me if it was MS....bloody awful condition with lots of weird symptoms lol