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Brain Fog

Brain Fog Memo

  • Switch things on before use.

  • Look at diary for today’s appointments.

  • Feed spouse/children/pets.

  • Kettles need to be filled.

  • Your keys are where you put them yesterday.

  • That “ping” means something is ready.

  • Write it down.

  • Cars need fuel to run on.

  • Keep your phone number in your purse or wallet.

  • If you start making the scissors action with your fingers, retrace your steps until you remember why.

albrecht durer wrote:
  • That “ping” means something is ready.

Or, as my dear mother used to reply vaguely, when asked why that cooker timer was sounding, 'It means that the time I set it for is up.'


I have MS

Yes, all good, but how to find the exact word one began sentence with in mind?

Or in fact what was the point of the sentence?

Or what was the object one started looking for after 5 minute of of searching have elapsed?

I no longer have responsibility for at least 6 of your list. And I'm very happy about that. It removes the stress from life. 


I have MS

Hi Sue,

And I'm very happy to hear it. 

Do you want me to get back to you when you're feeling better?


I have MS

Sorry, what was the point of this thread?


Hi all.  Had one of my most annoying brain fog thingies this morning.  In shower, washed my hair with shampoo, intended to put on conditioner. and rinse it off....By the time I've dried off I couldn't remember whether I actually used the conditioner!

This sort of thing happens quite often now - like my most immediate short term memory facility is faulty.

So either MS or age, or combination of the two....


I have MS

Hi Louise,

Thank for your contribution to this thread. Please don't mention your personal hygiene again; there are are specialist web-sites that cater for that sort of thing.


(P.S. Which brand of shampoo do you use?)

Listen albrecht,

That beard of yours sure needs some shampoo or nittybeard cream.


I do this all the time! I just thought it was because I'm thinking about lots of other things as I'm showering (problem solving happens in the shower!) What I do find really frustrating is forgetting words mid sentence, I know the word I want but can't seem to access it.. like the filing system is messed up!

I have MS

Hi Suzy

I don’t know if you noticed, but you have joined this thread at a point that was very early on in its existence. It’s now got over 4000 posts. So if you plan on reading through it all, it may take some time. 

Meanwhile, welcome to the nuthouse. You might find it slightly strange here. But if you whizz through the last year of posts (and woohoo we’re nearly a year old!) you’ll soon catch up. And you’ll soon realise that switching the order of shampoo and conditioner is the least of the loopiness that is ‘normal’ here. 


I have MS

I have the same problem with words not coming & you're right it is sooo frustrating (and embarrassing if I talking to someone outside of my family and friends!)

Ms or age , only 47 and can never remember if I have put deodorant on and to make things worse can’t remember how many times I do apply it once I remember Lol

Hey Dawn, Ever done the hairspray under your arms and deodorant on your hair  ? Very well groomed oxters and sweat free hair mmmh lol,,x

I have MS

LOL  xx I've done that a few times - but bonus that's how i found out deodorant works great as a dry shampoo - so not a total fail laugh

hi anthony

lou's comment made me remember a conversation i had with my younger sister.

i tried to explain how ms has made me lose my memory

she said she has the same problem and she doesn't have ms.

so i suggested that it was our advancing age to blame and we could end up in a home for the bewildered.

she said that she wouldn't remember why she was there.

we both got giddy and planned to have adjoining rooms in the home for the bewildered.

so as long as you can have attacks of the sillies , no problem.

carole x

I have MS


If I were you, I wouldn't tell him which home - you might find yourself in adjoining rooms with both your sister and Mr Durer!


I have MS

That would be an Attack of the Sillies to remember!

I have MS

Hi Carole,

Thank you for your contribution to this thread. Do you have any particular home in mind.


and so I switch channels with the remote control*  and I can't recall without a massive effort what programme I'd just been watching.

* be careful not to confuse with a mobile phone!

I have MS

Hi Krak,

I'd probably diagnose a bout of "Selective Daytime TV Amnesia". It's a surprisingly common problem reported as a side effect of watching TV; instead of healthy outdoor pursuits. I enjoy a bracing tour of Hampstead Heath Common twice a day; polished off with a dip in the lido with new found friends.

Paradoxically,  the preferred treatment is to join the Merchant Navy as an engineer. This will ensure that your body clock will be so comprehensively jiggered by the marine watch system that you won't have the foggiest idea what day it is, let alone the time.

I hope it all woks out for you.

Albrecht Durer

Hon. Stoker (3rd Class)

Hello Anthony.



Best apples.

I have MS

Hi Steve,


I have MS

You know what really gets my goat? 

Using things to jog my memory, then completely forgetting what the item used as an aide memoir is supposed to remind me of! 

Or, parking an object next to car keys 'so it doesn't get forgotten' and forgetting it. 

Arse! That's all I can say. 


I have MS

Who are you?

I have MS

Who are you?

I have MS

....and more to the point why?


forgot what I was saying and to whom I was saying it


I’ve just had a convo on the phone with a friend where we were both trying to remember the name of a particular place starting with P! That’s all, but it was funny in a “you gotta laugh” way!

I blame Lovejoy. I'm ok till I've watched that then the brain fog takes over and I can't remember my a from my e.

I dragged my dodgy leg up to the co-op the other day and the nice lady who helps me said 'Are you ok, do you need any help?' and I had to tell her I couldn't remember why the heck I had come up or what it was for. So I went home and watched Where the Heart is in the hope of restoring the balance!

Fortunately, everyone who knows me and especially family know that I have always been a bit woo on the remembering and sensible side so for me and them, it's not much different to before.



I have MS

Thank you Hebe,

That's a very encouraging read.

A bit woo? Next time you hop down to the Co-Op could you pick up a few things I forgot?


Gave up yesterday, went out to the cafe for tea.

I have MS

Earl Grey or Darjeeling?

Full fat breakfast tea, accompanied by a delicate dish of sausage, chips and beans! I only went so I could 'borrow' a tomato sauce for home as I never buy it.  It was 2.30 pm and that was my breakfast/lunch/tea apart from some healthy fruit a bit later on when I ran out of big pills. The kitchen looked lovely as I hadn't done a thing in it and not cremated a single item for at least two weeks.

Well the brain fog is getting worse this week. Not because of my symptoms but because the balance of doing and resting is up the Swanee! A visiting dog has left me thousands of little visitors that have bitten me for three nights. How horrid, no sleep, torture, I have spent 35 hours  near enough spraying, boiling, scrubbing, hoovering and then repeating the process. Just when I think I am winning, something starts biting. I am on my third boil wash, every sheet, blanket (cushions are in the bin), had to erect an extra washing line. I am rubbing a bicarb solution on my skin and head before I go to bed in the hope that it will keep them away or they are all dead. Strangely, it must be the horror of it all, I look quite well but when this has finished, I know that the fog will set in for days to make up for all this nastiness. 

What is the flea for someone can please answer me that? I haven't even got any blasted pets. I was so desperate last night that I sprayed body spray all over my head to try to keep them away. I think it worked but then I found that I couldn't flippin breath so had to go out in the garden, oh my word!

I am in the solid belief that this Christmas I shall love from a distance and I will lock my door to all pets, visitors, small children. Anyone entering will have to come with a health certificate and a vet's pass.

I have MS

That sounds horrendous - a flea infestation.  l have 4 dogs - sometimes 7 when family and friends arrive with theirs. Thankfully, never seen a flea on my dogs.    l do fairly regularly put the Frontline spot on on them.   Just to be sure.  l also worm them as well.

The visiting dog must have been  in a terrible state - poor thing.  The parasites suck the blood.    Thankfully, dog fleas will not live on you.  Each animal has its own type of flea - They can still bite you - but not lay their eggs on you. Only human fleas can do that. 

You can get a household spray - via ebay or amazon.  Or your local vets - but usually more expensive.   lf you have room in your freezer - that will soon kill parasites.  The same tip works for smelly trainers.  Pop into a plastic bag and freeze. Kills the bacteria that make the smell.

I have MS

As that great philosopher WC Fields is misquoted as saying, "Anyone who hates dogs and children can't be all bad".

Hebe, you are in my list of "People to look up to." You're in good company; as others are Boudica, for services to the maritime tourist industry, Sssue for her indefatigable efforts to uncover the riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that is Albrecht Durer; and Krakowian for something I've forgotten, but I have his name written on a Post It note in my shed.

These and other stars in the constellation known as Forum show the true path to spiritual enlightenment and a lot of tea breaks.

Well done,


I have MS

The time has come - l shall have to get rid of my husband.   My dogs are allergic to him - and they have the majority. 



I have MS

Why thank you, I think. I'm not sure whether it's an accolade or a denunciation. But luckily I'll probably have forgotten it by teatime. Which is probably any minute now.

And as for working out the conundrum known as 'Albrecht Durer', I believe that is an impossible task. 


I have MS

A. You are a star. And don't forget it.

B. You will forget by teatime.

C. True.

Thanks for trying anyway.

Albrecht D.

I have MS

What are you on about Ant? 

I have MS

Fluent gibberish. I thought you knew that.

Thank you, I shall take that as a compliment, don't get many now I'm a bit knackered! Winning the war here folks, quilts ready for the launderette, pillows and sheets down the tip, final battle tonight then I think peace will settle on Alsager and I might do a moonlight dance tomorrow to celebrate and buy all new things. And the washing machine hasn't blown up, blessed indeed!

Take all that back! The flee man doth arriveth forthewith to fleece me of some money and hopefully put an end to this awful horrid episode. And I am so tired now, the fog is really setting in. I would settle for an itch-free night and a long rest tomorrow. If he sets flee bombs off and other treatments I'm just going to the local hotel to sleep. I don't have any bedding now, all down the tip after this morning's horrible event. Will have to pop out later to buy something to sleep in that isn't colonized by non-rent paying things with more than two legs!

I have MS

Aw hebe, you are surely visited by a very plague of beasts. I hope famine doesn't strike next. Will keep fingers crossed that the flea man has wrought lasting change to your dwelling place. And that you find alternative quilts, pillows, sheets etc without too much further angst and shekels changing hands. 

Once you have a bedroom of peace, cleansed of all unwanted multi legged beasties, I suggest you get into your bed. Rest and hopefully the fog will only last a short time. 


Thank you, the soothsayer spoke and sayeth nay, nay and thrice nay, the little beggars have had their commupance (excuse the spelling). A little bit of patience for a few days now just to be sure and a bit more boiling up things just to be sure and fingers crossed. A quick visit to Matalan whilst the bugs were being dealt with means that I have new bedding.

I said to 'Mick' the flea man, that in the middle of the night I was considering that if there is a spiritual force, why did they invent fleas? What use are they? Then Mick showed me his legs and back! He destroys pests of all kinds. He went on holiday last week to France bibawaking and a straw ferral cat brushed into his sleeping area twice. He thought he was being bitten by the midges but after his whole body turning red raw and him stripping off and running in cold water to try to ease the pain and soreness, he realised that the flea man himself had been riddled with fleas. Busman's holiday - fortunately he said wherever he goes, he takes a small blasting pack so blasted the area and waited up till the cat wandered in and blasted that too. I thought I was fed up, he looks like he should be taking his skin to hospital it was that bad.  What next, yes let's hope there isn't famine. I've got a feeling that something is on its way, I have been really lucky for months, never lasts long does it?

I have MS

Procedure for washing hair: Lather, rinse, repeat as necessary.

That's fine, except sometimes I find myself doing the 'repeat' before the 'rinse'.

And you know that you have memory problems when you get up to fetch something and forget what it was in the time it takes to cross the room.

I don't think I'll need a room at the Home for the Bewildered. I'm already there, indulging in frequent episodes of extreme silliness with my husband.laugh

I have MS

Also you should really remember shampoo and conditioner for head, face wash for face, shower gel for body, etc. Confusing them tends to cause problems. 


I have MS

Crossword clue for the day: 'Of sound mind'  (4)  S _  N _

Any ideas?


I have MS

Actually I take that back. Anthony is loopier than most if not all of the rest of us. 

Old Moores Almanack indeed, as if that's true. I only go by an augury that's been divined and interpreted by a magus specialising in entrail reading. 


I have MS


You're a bit old school aren't you? Get you with your entrails.

It'll be runes before you know what's next. Is it your birthday or something?

I have MS

lt's entrails here as well. Rabbit for tonight's dinner and pheasants tomorrow.  So l am up to my 'armholes' in entrails - fur -n- feathers.  

Living off the land!!! --    Spinach/Chard/Courgettes    and  Apples/Raspberries for a crumble.  

Oh to be normal,Oh to be sane

To think that things are never the same again

Be wild, be reckless

Be tremendously free

To think about nothing

Or search for more

Do not stick in the bog

But find your path

Out of this flaming

Ridiculous fog.

Fuzzy head, wondrous thoughts

That are filled with flaws

Keys in the fridge

Lost up the road

Bound within our emotional shores.

Hurrah for us all, each one unique,

And bugger the fog, for the stars we reach

Abide by Almanac, stars and belief

We all are mint and so should preach

That life is wild and wondrous if we let it

Wether fog bound, fuzzy or even if we just don't get it

Onward and upward my friends of many

I celebrate you all and would if pushed

Toast champagne out of my daughter's welly.


Bored on Saturday