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Alternatives to carbamazepine

Had flu recently.  It was bad.  Couldn't shake it and was left with a bad cough.  Got to the stage where breathing was an issue and an ambulance called.

After 15 days in hospital being treated for multiple Pulmonary Embolisms I now find myself on an anti clogging medication.  We tried to get the balance right on Warfarin but we could never find the right balance and so I am on Apixaban 5mg twice a day.

I was on carbamazepine during mini relapses but I have now been told I can't have this due to the Apixaban.  Does anyone know of any alternatives that are suitable to take whilst on Anti Coagulants (blood thinning)?

I shall be contacting my MS nurse about it but they can take a while to respond so forewarned is forearmed.

It's been a traumatic couple of months.