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Waking mum up from deep sleep

Hi there 

Not sure if anyone can help or provide any useful insight , but thought it was worth a shot so here I am . 

My mum has PPMS , diagnosed about 20 years ago . She gets up and dressed everyday with help of carers but is hoisted in and out of bed and chair etc , has a catheter etc . The last year has seen lots of hospital visits , cellulitis , low salt levels , uti's , uti's leading to sepsis etc. We've been doing our best to cheap a check on uti's with d-mannose and Reg urine checks ( I bought the urine sticks online which are useful ) 

Aside from this mum has occasions where she falls asleep in the middle of the day and we can't wake her up. Her sleep looks a bit disturbed , quite a lot of head bobbing . When i try and wake her she can hear me and does respond with words but can't have a conversation and won't open her eyes . If I try and touch her face she will move my hands away and cross her arms tight . She has done this sometimes when there has been an underlying issue like infection but also when nothing appears to be wrong and the next day is fine . Obviously it's worrying when we can't wake her to give her a drink or just generally knowing if there is anything wrong . Typically I'll take her temp / bp and heart rate and often all ok . Sometimes it's taken 2 hours of blaring elvis Presley into her ear and she might then come round . It's the strangest thing , almost like a deep sleep or dream she can't come out of and can't last a whole 12 hours often longer.

just wondered if anyone has seen anything similar / any advice ? 

Thanks in advance 



hi susie

i think you need medical advice which i can't give.

maybe see your gp and say that you are always worried and explain why.

it must be scary for you.

take time for yourself too

carole x

Hi, what`s your mum`s night routine/sleep like? Is she awake at night due to the long day sleeping?

Sometimes days and nights can get muddled up.

You sound to be taking really good care of her, so I see why you are worried.

I guess the only thing to do is discuss it with her GP.