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Saying hello

Hi all new to forum looking forward to chats
I've, been caring for hubby who has secondary progressive ms we were married 11 months when he was diagnosed here we still are 26 years later if with a, beautiful daughter who is a blessing.
Anyone feel same as me finding that the emotional havoc ms deals to the whole family sometimes harder than physical support.
Happy Wednesday peeps x

Hi Polly

Welcome to this club that you really don't want to belong to.

I'm the one with MS in my house. My husband and 2 sons are amazing, my heroes.

Have a good week

Carole x

Hi Carole hoorahh my first reply.
My mother in law also Carole with an e as she always tells us x.
My hubby tells me all the time how thankful he is for all the care I give him but I always tell him when you love someoneit comes naturally and I don't need thanks xxxx

The spelling of my name is due to my dad registering my birth.

My full name is Carole Ann so he spelled both differently to most people.

Mum was just happy that he hadn't called me Caroline because she really didn't like that.

I was deeply asleep but woke up for a wee and because when I wake up my back is so stiff and achy so I end up downstairs looking on here. Now eldest son has gone to bed so I can watch the telly.

You sound in fine fettle and I'm glad that your husband has told you that he is grateful whilst I know that you don't need him to tell you.

Carole x

Hi Polly, my nickname is Polly! Or Boudica. I am Pauline by birth certificate.

Welcome to the group.

I`ve had Spinal PPMS for 23 years and my hubby is my main carer, but I do have others coming in.

We treasure our carers...and that ​includes you. Thankyou.


Aww nice to meet you too, I'm a, pauline too.
Thanks for the thanks xxx