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My wife was diagnosed over 20 years now

over time she has completely given up on the physical side of our relationship 

she is still physically active albeit not in the same way she was. She still turns my head but anytime I suggest a bit of fun the answer is a flat no. I am putting her under pressure, or something along those lines. There is zero affection or contact in our relationship. It has been over 3 years since we last .....


is anyone else in the same situation and how are you coping I am depressed and angry all the time. Covid isolation has me stuck at home and the loneliness is killing me. 


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Hi, sometimes when MS strikes, it can deaden certain areas or even make them quite painful to touch.

Perhaps this is what has happened with your wife. I guess you have tried talking to her about this.

Many people are affected like this .

Are there any leaflets in the MS library which could help?



Hello. I am a woman in my 50's,  have RR MS and was diagnosed 2,5 years ago and have had MS for about15-20 years without knowing it. I am in a wonderfully loving relationship with a man but over the last couple of months am struggling to get sexually aroused. My brain is saying yes, but messages don't seem to get through to the right bits of my body. I miss the sex and enjoyment with my partner and for him. 
can anyone advise me.

I believe the MS Society has literature about this too. Have a gander.