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Last post have i got it or not ?

Hi everyone im new to group im hoping to get some advice my doctor sent me to see nurologist about 6 months ago as she thinks i have ms i had a mri of my brain which was clear.   Some of the  symptoms i suffer are muscle cramps in calf muscles numbness in legs and arms  burning feet vertigo when walking back pain loss of sight in left eye bowel problems and now allergies to most foods and the worst of them all is the  sweats now the consultant is sending me for some nerve tests and off to eye hospital since i have been seeing him he hasnt once mentioned ms is it normal for this to happen before you get a definat diagnosis im starting to feel so depressed by it all any advice would be gratfully recieved many thanks georgina

Hi Georgina and welcome :-)

Neurology is a bit of a minefield because there are literally hundreds of conditions that cause similar symptoms, but there are relatively few tests that can pinpoint what's going on :-(  Unfortunately, the upshot of that is that far too many people spend an age getting a diagnosis :-(

The good news is that your neuro clearly believes that there is something going on and is still pushing for more information to narrow down the suspects. I'm afraid I can't offer any brilliant advice about how to speed the whole thing up; it's generally a case of trying to be patient and making sure that the various hospitals know that you are happy to take a short notice cancellation.

As far as MS goes, I would go with your neuro on this: keep an open mind. That's not to say that MS isn't a possibility, because it is (despite the clear MRI), however it's just one of many possibilities. 

Next time you see the neuro, why not ask him what the possibilities are? Some of them like to play their cards close to their chest, but they can hardly avoid the question if you ask them directly (and until you get an answer!).

Karen x


Hi, it took 14 yrs for me to finally be told i dont have MS, as PPMS was suspected for a very long time.

Some my symptoms are the same as  your`s. But I dont have any eye problems or allergies to foods.

It can take a long time to get a diagnosis, but at least you are still being tested. It`s a very difficult time, I know.

Try to hang on in there, yeh?

luv Pollx

Thank you both for reply @boudica 14 years wow that must have been very fustrating?  you have both but my mind at rest about things it really appricated what is ppms? ive never heard of that x

PPMS: primary progressive MS
RRMS: relapsing remitting MS
SPMS: secondary progressive MS



I'm new to this, but wanted to ask a question to see if anyone could help?
I am currently under a Neurologist for suspected Ms. I have had one Mri showing lesions to the brain and now a lumbar puncture with results showing CSF oligoclonal bands posative with unmatched intrathecal oligoclonal bands....can anyone tell me what this means in simple terms for me lol?
.I'm due to have my next Mri in a couple of days, but will not get an overall result till July which as you all know feels like a long time!
Thankyou in advance :)

If you look at the top of this part of the forum you will see an absolutely fantastic "sticky" post by Rizzo called a Beginners Guide called "A brief beginners guide to the brain and MRI". It is incredibly useful if you want to get a basic handle on all the complicated "Neuro-speak".

This is a direct link to the useful sticky .

I would point out that you have replied to an old thread that has not been active for a couple of years - this means that people might miss what you have written.  In the future, you might find that you get a better range of replies if you start an entirely new thread.

Good luck with your new MRI.  I've had so many that I actually fall asleep in it now laugh

Thankyou for your help!
I'm not used to writing on forums
Thanks again x