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butternut squash

or as i sometimes pronounce it squtternut bosch.

Why does it have to be so hard to peel and cut?

practically have blood blisters.

I actually like the taste but ouch!!

someone once told me to bang it in the microwave which i did.

it cooked until it exploded- arrrgh!

I am trying not to swear as much as usual.

the flipping squtter can bosch right off!

Sorry for yet another nonsensicle  ramble!

You are brave  - I would not attempt it - the risk of losing a valuable digit or severing a useful artery is is a bit high for my taste.  Ready-prepared cubes for me, I'm afraid!


Celeriac is also hazardous.  Mr Alison100 gets that job.


I never peel mine.  I can't use a knife now anyway so husband either cuts it length ways or slices across into big circles.  Check out Jamie Oliver on YouTube.  He's the best for great, simple ideas.  Mashed without peeling sounds good to me.


cutting it across in big circles = brilliance!

I tried the microwave idea again It cuts more easily when cooked.

I made squash and chilli soup very nice.

The friend who told me to bang it in the microwave was my cleaner for a while so she had to deal with the explosion!

She also told me to make the soup.

My middle name is disaster!

I'm going to try planting some squtternut bosch this year, but my only attempt at trying to cut one many years ago nearly left me permanently maimed.  If it grows, I'll probably feed it to the neighbors and let them carve up their own bodies.  I'm with Alison on this -- I either buy it already cut up or in nice little pre-made cans of soup.

Take care with sharp knives and tough vegetables. I don't want to feel guilty for any lost fingers!

NorasMom - enjoy watching the squtternut bosch grow, then donate it to a neighbour!