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I'm concerned about going on a course of infusions as I have severe COPD I can't afford any type of chest infections..



Hi Carl, I`m sorry but I have no experience of this. I wonder how much you have been told by your neuro?

Can anyone else help here please?


I have MS

Hello Carl

You really need to talk with your neurologist and/or MS nurse about the disease modifying drug you should take given your COPD. It will depend very much on what drugs are most likely to affect the immune response.

You could have a look at there is a lot of information on there about the various drugs available. It might be that you need to consider a less effective drug - maybe one that doesn't have the potential to lower your white blood cells and thus your immune system.

It might help to be really honest with your MS nurse and talk about the options you've been given and any other choices there might be.

It's possible that if you have what's deemed to be highly active RRMS, you have to make an informed choice about what is likely to happen. Ie. take the more effective drug re MS and gamble on your chance of reduced immune reaction, make sure you 'shield' from Covid (which means the other people you live with also being exceptionally careful or you shield from them too. Shielding from Covid also mean you are less likely to encounter other viruses and infections.

Best of luck. It does seem like it's a difficult decision, but keep yourself informed, talk to those who know what's what, and make sure you make the choice, not your neurologist and/or MS nurse.