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Do I need a stick

Written by Anonymous (not verified) On the 4 Comments
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Hi everyone
I'm new to this and hoping for some advice. So I've Ms a yr this week although diagnosis didn't happen to Jan this yr. I've still no Ms drugs due to getting what they suspected was ovarian cancer earlier this yr. Got the tumour removed and all clear now. I've been advised family planning needs to happen asap due to being an ovary short therefore still no drugs.
My balance has got really bad lately and my eyes seem to loose focus. I'm 33 and obv a stick would

Symptoms Worsening

Written by Loxton10 On the 10 Comments
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I am new to this forum thing so not sure what to expect or whether I'm doing the right thing.

I was diagnosed with MS at 20 years old and was recently told by the neurologist that it has now changed to Secondary Progressive as a result of similar symptoms coming back every couple of years but no longer going away.

Fifth anniversary

Written by nindancer On the 5 Comments
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My latest blog if you have a few spare minutes. It was the fifth anniversary of my diagnosis yesterday so I've been thinking long and hard about it, I cannot be the denial queen forever! wink But I also need to say a huge thanks to all of you that have helped me keep a hold on reality for this long heart