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Seasonal fatigue: how are you right now?

Written by Aromastoff On the 2 Comments
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Dear All,
Fatigue – again. My ongoing nemesis and key topic.

I was wondering if I could ask you how you are feeling right now, and how you were the last 14 days?

I am having the worst spell of fatigue with strong MS symptoms (shaky legs and hands, legs giving in, headache, feeling cold and hot, ear ache, vibrating or hot body parts, insomnia and, mouth ulcers and, of course, a killer fatigue) since the beginning of March. I seem to have the vague memory that it was the same last year around this time, and end of October.

Walking and stiffness

Written by Natc On the 6 Comments
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Hi everybody,

iv recently been diagnosed with MS. I’m very nervous, worried, scared, anxious and every other emotion there is.  I did feel like I was starting to improve but this last few weeks i have really struggled again. I have a 4 year old and a baby of 5 months! My walking is difficult due to stiffness and tingling and MS hug. I think what I’m wanting is any advice with why I’m feeling bad again and if I can do anything to help with my struggling legs? My thighs are worse than ever and feel so tight. 

Any advice, help, support or anything will be amazing x

intermittent fasting and tecfidera

Written by murfilein On the 1 Comments
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so i do intermittent fasting, approx. 20/4 to 21/3. for those that dont know, that means within a 24 hour window, i dont eat anything in 20/21 hours, and all the food i eat in a day i eat in those other 3/4 hours.


my eating windows is in the evening from 6pm to 9pm or 9.30 latest. i take tecfidera at 9 mornings and evenings.


so by the time i take the morning one, i'm fasting for around 12 hours. does tecfidera has an influence on the fast? i couldnt find good information about tecfideras nutrition. does it have anything that can break my fast?

Nose tingling

Written by Cupcakegirl On the 2 Comments
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i was diagnosed about a year ago and was wondering does anyone have the end of their nose tingling? It’s on the left side and almost feels like a hair tickling but there is never a hair. I’m just wondering if this affects anybody else? 

Thanks so much


Written by Redman On the 6 Comments
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Hi guys - started back on the 3 times weekly jab of copaxone - tecfideria brought my bloods down - did my first jab the other night and I had a very real scary dream that night - maybe coincidence but it was very real - main thing is jab was ok..


Written by BLF1023 On the 2 Comments
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I am back on the horse, so to speak, and going through the motions with diagnostics at my local VA hospital. I am a veteran of the US Navy. I am a 33 year old female and I began to have symptoms in my late twenties, but I just figured they were a result of stress or something. One symptom that my first doctor misdiagnosed was what he thought was Raynaud’s Phenomena. I frequently have attacks in my hands, feet and face of intense heat, reddening of my skin, and incredible pain. It is sometimes accompanied by swelling.