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Rebif Help!

Written by Anonymous (not verified) On the 4 Comments
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Hey! Very new to this! Has anyone using rebif experienced their injecting site going rock hard or a small hard lump appear under the skin?? Is this normal? What have you done to stop this? Have tried rotating the injection site but doesn’t seem to help as all 4 injection site has either a lump or the area is rock hard! Please help or give any advice or just let me know that  others have experienced the same??  Thanks :) 

New symptoms Foot drop

Written by Mina1406 On the 8 Comments
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Just wondering if anyone has any advice, I've had ms for 15 years now and have managed really well up to now apart from a few relapses over the years. I went to see my ms nurse last week and she diagnosed me with foot drop. 

Anyone with the same and any advice on how best to help it? 

New diagnosis 9 months ago - non stop complications

Written by Jess1905 On the 2 Comments
Forums New diagnosis and before diagnosis

I'm 22years of age and in August 2018 I suffered with numbness in my arms and upper body. I ignored this sturdily for a few weeks and just assumed it was due to me sleeping funny or something, but I then woke up one morning and couldn't see out of my right eye. After going to hospital and undergoing mri and lumbar puncture it was confirmed ms. I was given a steroid drip which helped my optic neuritis recover and the numbness took around 3 months to go. I'd like to add that I never had any pain and I was working full time and felt generally fine.


Written by Tou89lou On the 2 Comments
Forums New diagnosis and before diagnosis

Hey, I am new here.

I was diagnosed with RRMS in Jan this year, after starting my journey in August 2018.

My first symptoms that triggered me to get checked out were an eye floater (dark shadow in my eye line) & numb skin on both my calves, I am very clumsy & get brain fog and I know from experience that these signs can be m.s related. (Both my mum and her dad have it & I work with a lady who also has m.s also).

Recently diagnosed with RRMS aged 26

Written by MS1992 On the 3 Comments
Forums New diagnosis and before diagnosis

Hi all, 


im hoping someone can help me feel a bit better about things. I’ve just been diagnosed this year with RRMS after numerous tests since becoming a mum last year. I’m only 26 and struggling to see the positive in my future after the diagnosis. I’m such a confident outgoing person but I’m really struggling to be positive at all right now. 


Seasonal fatigue: how are you right now?

Written by Aromastoff On the 3 Comments
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Dear All,
Fatigue – again. My ongoing nemesis and key topic.

I was wondering if I could ask you how you are feeling right now, and how you were the last 14 days?

I am having the worst spell of fatigue with strong MS symptoms (shaky legs and hands, legs giving in, headache, feeling cold and hot, ear ache, vibrating or hot body parts, insomnia and, mouth ulcers and, of course, a killer fatigue) since the beginning of March. I seem to have the vague memory that it was the same last year around this time, and end of October.