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21 y/o student desperate for help- MRI was clear

Written by kates10 On the 7 Comments
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Hi there. About a year and a half ago, at age 20, I started to to have serious bladder problems, shaking/tremors in my hands, and extreme fatigue. I went to my GP who then sent me to a neurologist. Immediately after I listed my symptoms she said MS, this instantly freaked me to because my grandpa had crippling MS and was in a wheelchair in his 30's and passed away in his 60's. I have no idea if genetics plays a role in MS but it is was still scary because my only memories of him where from his final days. She scheduled me for an MRI, and everything came back clear.

For all newly diagnosed - act now.

Written by spacejacket On the 0 Comments
Forums New diagnosis and before diagnosis

l urge all of you who are newly diagnosed - or those of you who think that you might have MS - plus families - do join the fb groups on Vitamin D Protocol - and High dose Vitamin d for Autoimmune diseases.

The success rate is 90% plus - especially on 'newbies'.  No side effects  - unlike most prescribed drugs.  Do give this a try - takes about 6 months before you start improving. 

Google  Dr Coimbra's Protocol for Auto-immune diseases.

and - (link removed by moderator - message author directly).

lts Vitamin d3 again...........

Written by spacejacket On the 6 Comments
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For many years l have been interested in Vitamin D3.  And have been taking - what l thought was a high dose supplement. 

10,000ius daily for many years - then 20,000ius.  l regularly have my levels checked  -via CityAs says Lab B/ham.  And so far my levels have not exceeded 98nmols. 

Recently, l have been interested in following Dr Coimbra - Brazillian neurologist who for about 10yrs has been treating patient with auto -immune diseases with a high dose vitamin d3 protocol. 

Acinetobacter bacteria and ms

Written by Colum On the 8 Comments
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Apologies if this ,again,is old news or is in the wrong place  but has anyone heard of or researched the possible link between Acinetobactor bacteria and ms and other auto immune diseases. 

I just came across it while googling stuff but what i could find are papers that i really don't understand so perhaps someone more informed could point me to other sources. thanks c


Inappropriate behavior caused by M/S

Written by Anonymous (not verified) On the 11 Comments
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PLEASE HELP !! Getting divorced after marriage of 23 with 4 kids with M/S diagnosis of primary progressive 5 years ago. I love my wife very much. I have found myself talking to other women in a more suggestive way and getting emotionally attached to them. I also feel more alone and  This has caused trouble in my marriage and  now my wife wants a divorce. In my research I have found that these kinds of behaviours could be caused by the M/S as lesions in brain could be affecting my cognitive dysfunction causing poor judgement.

Leaving your brain and spinal cord for research

Written by Flowerpot On the 2 Comments
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This may be a little macabre for some but I was talking to a lady today who has heard that the MS Society researchers get plenty of brains and spinal cords of people with MS, but are short of brains without MS.

This lady has made the decision that when she dies, having no family to arrange a funeral she would like to donate her body for medical science/research.

She is keen that her brain and spinal cord be used in MS research.

Anyone any idea what arrangements she should make?