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Nurse Cost Calculator©

The Nurse Cost Calculator© is a tool that breaks down in detail the cost of one individual post, such as an MS specialist.

It can be used to build a business case for employing a specialist practitioner or show the cost savings that this one post brings the NHS.

It calculates:

  • The total cost of a person’s employment
  • The time they are available to work with patients (as against the actual time they are available to work)
  • The average cost per contact
  • The average cost per episode of care
  • Income generated or costs saved

Before you start

To complete this form you will need to have a rough idea of:

  • Your average monthly expenses on travel and telephone bills
  • Your yearly holiday allowance, in days
  • Basic statistics about your clinical activity, such as the average number of patient contacts per week, most common conditions for admission, and the average time that a patient may stay under your clinic's care.

If you are using this tool to make a formal business case, the 'set tariffs' control allows you to replace the default national tariffs with your own regional tariffs for a more accurate calculation.